I stood firm against predatory pastors who wanted to exploit me


Fenny Abrams has always been fascinated by music ever since she was a young girl. However, she also had her share of negative experiences, just like many upcoming musicians.

The worst was being taken advantage of; by people she least expected would do so; pastors and other gospel ministers.

“Officially, I started composing and recording in 2015 and I really wanted to showcase and promote my music in church and media platforms. Interestingly, many of the pastors I approached to give me a platform first wanted to sleep with me before making this possible. However, I couldn’t heed to their desire and God helped me to overcome all these” she tells the Nairobian.

To play her music on media platforms, presenters, DJs, and promoters including those who claim to be saved and Christians demanded to be bribed before making this possible.

According to Fenny, many presenters would only play music that belongs to producers who are their friends. This from her perspective makes it hard for an upcoming artist to grow and sail through in the industry.

“This made me wonder if we truly we are in the last days considering that people who claim to be servants of God no longer care about morality” she says adding that today, there is no one to trust, you run to a man of God for assistance who end up becoming a hyena or something.”

Despite the obstacles she had to face, Fenny, who is also a financial advisor in the insurance industry, went on to release more songs which turned out to be quite successful in the gospel music industry.

For instance, her song Mano Nyasaye has been hitting the airwaves while she is almost becoming a household name in Luo land.

Fenny claims that today, many presenters and DJs are looking out to have her for interviews and airplay because she has already made a name for herself. She credits this milestone to God’s favour and work.

“I prefer to do the right thing at the right time and wait for God’s time without compromising” she claims adding that “despite not the fact that I have not reached my full potential, I get a lot of media invites though, and digitally somehow, music is helping me to brand.”

She is now a force to reckon with in the gospel industry and she now interacting with gospel bigwigs such as the likes of Mary Atieno who she considers to be her role model.

“I have shared a stage with Mary Atieno several times and I can say her character is still the same, she has never changed, warm and accommodative hence helping me to mould my character and enhance my personal relationship with God”

Fenny’s advice to biased presenters and DJs is that everybody is equal before the Lord and that humility is the key. She is looking forward to recording more hits and compelling videos to help her spread the gospel.

She can be found on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram through her name Fenny Abrams.




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