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Men do not suffer from imposter syndrome

By La Patrona   2023-11-17 17:07:09

The average man does not grapple with self-esteem issues or feelings of unworthiness. He believes his value increases with age.

Do men suffer from imposter syndrome?

By La Patrona   2023-11-21 11:55:22

Studies show that women doubt themselves too much and tend to underestimate their values and skills in the job market unlike men

Abort or keep it? Let the woman take her choice

By La Patrona   2023-11-28 16:02:32

You could be careful. You could have the right contraceptives but the fact remains that any woman who is actively having sex can be a victim of an unplanned pregnancy.

Have your own money first before going out

By La Patrona   2023-11-29 08:57:23

Men pay bills most of the time but this should not hoodwink you into thinking you are completely safe with them

Behind every successful woman is a jealous man

By La Patrona   2023-12-03 15:40:22

The quote is, “Behind every successful man there is a woman,” and not vice versa and that should tell you that the world never imagined women as anything more than cheerleaders.

There's more to morality than high body count

By La Patrona   2023-12-09 10:36:01

What is it about a one-night stand that degrades a person when they have sex but doesn't degrade them when they have it with a boyfriend they have only known for two days?

Are men with children suited for dating?

By La Patrona   2023-12-16 10:09:54

Co-parenting in Kenya is a war. It should be peaceful but it isn’t. While the rest of the world was evolving into proper adults with good manners, we might have all missed the memo

Avoid dating men with children if you can

By La Patrona   2023-12-16 15:38:37

Baby daddies have a terrible entitlement towards their baby mamas. You think they have moved on and the next minute they are angry because the mother of their kids has chosen to date or to marry.

For women, Christmas means breaking their backs

By La Patrona   2023-12-23 15:25:09

They will send you to the river six times to test your wife materialness. And after breaking your back fetching water, you will still be required in the traditional kitchen.

Ladies, look for a provider, not a wealthy man

By La Patrona   2024-01-06 18:04:08

Who told us our only chance of getting out of poverty is in the hands of men? Who told us that we cannot be self-sufficient in our own right?

Ladies in 2024, let's ditch 'mchele' and pray to get rich men

By La Patrona   2024-01-09 13:28:44

Who told us our only chance of getting out of poverty is in the hands of men? Who told us that we cannot be self-sufficient in our own right?

Men with kids are not boyfriend material

By La Patrona   2024-01-09 14:09:02

I am not one to judge, but if I was dating, I would avoid men with children. They are an explosive landmine

Is your partner breadcrumbing you?

By La Patrona   2024-03-12 13:58:16

Almost every woman has a person who is not their boyfriend but their relationship is something close to what romantic relationships are

To spare yourself from misery and heartbreak, leave your ex for good

By La Patrona   2024-03-14 12:24:19

Taking an ex back more than once is a mistake. Even once is stretching it a little too far because your relationship failed for a reason and you know in your heart that it cannot be fixed

Why situationships always end in premium tears

By La Patrona   2024-05-03 08:33:51

Women and men are not wired in the same way. Identifying this difference is important so that women can learn how to protect their hearts better as they navigate situationships

Kenyan men must man up and stop whining!

By La Patrona   2024-05-13 09:57:06

These young men associate masculinity with control and masculinity figures on the internet reaffirm that belief. 

In a poor economy, even marriages are set to fail

By La Patrona   2024-05-14 16:32:14

Marriages have taken a strong hit. Nothing can hold things together with all the economic struggles that have hit households in the lower social hierarchy

Build your career to keep mediocre men at bay

By La Patrona   2024-05-20 17:13:59

There is no campus girl who receives a lot of money from their sponsor. If there is, it is probably one or two in a sample size of a hundred girls.

When unprotected sex leaves more than just tears

By La Patrona   2024-05-27 10:13:31

This brutality that is experienced when the contraceptives are getting into the body is the same brutality they exhibit once they settle in.

UTIs and unkempt nails: The shocking truth about men's hands

By La Patrona   2024-06-05 11:18:28

Apart from the fingers being a total health hazard to the women they sleep with, their hands were also extremely ashy, and dry.