Angela Ndolo

Exploring the Hidden Gems of Nairobi

By Angela Ndolo   2024-06-01 11:44:25

The Kibera Art Centre is a beacon of creativity and hope, showcasing the work of local artists who use their craft to tell powerful stories and inspire change.

Why employees enjoy working remotely

By Angela Ndolo   2024-06-03 14:44:14

We dig into the benefits and drawbacks of remote work

Men are losing it, and women are not helping

By Angela Ndolo   2024-06-14 14:29:46

Vulnerability in men is often stigmatised, and viewed as a weakness rather than a natural aspect of the human experience.

Mental health: Men are losing it, and women are not helping

By Angela Ndolo   2024-06-19 11:25:06

Men can also be victims of abuse, experiencing emotional manipulation or coercion from their partners

A Sh3,000 day trip to Suswa

By Angela Ndolo   2024-06-23 08:57:16

Being 50 kilometres from Nairobi city, this makes it an ideal day’s trip or a weekend getaway for people living in Kenya’s capital.

Soft guy or modern gentleman? Men who carry their women's handbags

By Angela Ndolo   2024-06-29 09:39:34

As the gender roles are changing, Kenyan men who take on the role of stay-at-home fathers are constantly faced with social stigma and pressure