To abort or not: Let the woman make her choice

We have contraceptives but truth be told, it is so hard to be in control of your fertility for over 30 years.

How Gen Z will turn dowry negotiations upside down

The youngsters will say to hell with this corruption and the mamas will have to devise other ways of squeezing some mullah from the groom.

Dating your friend's ex: Why it's not always a bad idea

There are girl/bro code rules that give guidelines on the territories and boundaries we are supposed to observe in the dating field.

Is she really the one? Red flags men often ignore

Women have been assuming wifey roles since we got here

Hell hath no fury like Gen Z overtaxed by Zakayo

Old geezers who have seen it all were shocked by their sheer audacity.

When Mr. Perfect is a kept man: What you need to know

They talk big stories and call themselves entrepreneurs, who don’t fancy being employed despite their rich academic and professional skills.

Why women are told not to outshine their husbands

I have grown up now and what I notice with most men is that they have to be above their wives in terms of career, education, and material success.

Tinder Tales: Why I ditched dating apps

Online, Tinder, say, you have to have the best. Fake it til you gerrit.

Elders: Marrying a woman who is older than you goes against culture

In Coast, several young men have been looking for rich but older tourists for a hand in marriage. 

Forties is new sixties, thanks to money and liberal mindset

Yet today, companies are looking for GM’s and CEO’s in their twenties and thirties and LinkedIn is awash with them.

Married and Sexless: Why marriages are turning into roommate situations

Dry spell has badly hit marriages. It remains the greatest source of frustration among married couples who are supposed to be enjoying it.

When unprotected sex leaves more than just tears

This brutality that is experienced when the contraceptives are getting into the body is the same brutality they exhibit once they settle in.

The dark side of winning: What everyone forgets

In athletics, they are lucky because the best three make the podium to flank the winner like trophy girls in an exhibition expo.

Dark side of 'wife material' expectations

She stays for the kids and prove to society and in-laws that actually marriage works.

Build your career to keep mediocre men at bay

There is no campus girl who receives a lot of money from their sponsor. If there is, it is probably one or two in a sample size of a hundred girls.

Don't allow him to cheat in peace

If a man has a cool wife back at home, try find out what kinda girlfriend or mpango he has. They’re usually chaotic and give unrealistic demands, ultimatums and deadlines.

Kenyan men must man up and stop whining!

These young men associate masculinity with control and masculinity figures on the internet reaffirm that belief. 

Why a man has no business soft-parenting

But it is the disrespect that is staggering. These kids will call their parents by their first name.