Ohangla artistes Nyakindu, Sifa beg fans for support


In the past, it was unheard of for Ohangla and Benga musicians to beg for funds.

The majority lived on the fast lane and most of their songs were incomplete without the mention of some of their rich friends. The old-timers left behind rich legacies and with little focus on their celebrity status.

But the winds of change are blowing. Tough economic times and dwindling music sales have pushed a number of musicians into begging to protect their careers from fizzling out.

Barely a few months after Benga fanatics turned up to contribute for legendary musician and dancer Atommy Sifa, another musician has also taken the same root to beg fans to aid her with money. 

Struggling Ohangla musician in Migori County Grace Nyakindu is appealing to fans and friends to help her raise Sh1.2 million in funds for instruments.

Grace Nyakindu, who is a renowned Ohangla artist for her hit songs Felix, Mamaa, Okinyo Soja, Ywak Baba and Ouma Wuod Ayieta, among others, admitted that her work is not going well, something she says has been made worse by the hard economic time.

“I am experiencing hardship. I am forced to stay at home most of the time because I don’t have tools,” the musician said.

Nyakindu who is one of the few female Ohangla artists in the country admitted that all is not well in Ohangla music. She claimed the economy has really affected them.

She said she used to have her own tools but they got spoilt.

According to Nyakindu, she has tried getting help from the people she knows but it has not borne fruit.


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