Mtwapa bounces back to life as youngsters invade sin city


Ndovu Kuu igniting the stage at the Yacht Lounge Mombasa during the Tusker Ndimu Shines Inaugural Madaraka Day Fest .(Courtesy) 

Mtwapa, the once upon a time ‘sin city’ that was bubbling for 24 hours and blazing night life is slowly bouncing back with the help of Tusker projects and the launch of various products, making it a favourite stage for artists from Nairobi. 

The town sitting along the Mombasa-Malindi highway has seen the death of many clubs and the rise of new ones as a new breed of young moneyed revelers enter the market.

Mtwapa was known as a home for tourists -- the Italians and Germans -- who camped at luxurious hotels and apartments and frequented the town for a good time at the clubs and the company of beautiful Mijikenda women.

Majority of the tourists ended up settling after falling for the Mtwapa life and the women, with some losing all their life savings after squandering it in luxurious lifestyle.

The place was known to host a myriad of strip clubs like Casaurina and Lollipop and other night entertainment joints.

It had eateries, guest rooms, hotels and shops booming with business day and night.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of Bamburi, the newest sin city, saw Mtwapa lose its allure, with most clubs closing down and relocating to Bamburi.

However, through a launch of projects like Tusker Nexter that seeks to nurture new talent, the club life is slowly picking as revelers pour in to witness performance by artists from Nairobi.

And with an expressway, and a six-lane highway expansion from Mombasa to Kilifi, Mtwapa will situate itself as the centre of entertainment.

Top clubs include Yacht Club, the host of Tusker projects, Club Lambada International, Darian Lounge, Camp Barnados BBQ and Restaurant, Tina Royal Nights, Country Club and Skylux Sports Pub and Grill.

On Madaraka Day, top artists and Djs, including Ndovu Kuu, Gengetone artist Fathermoh, Dj Pierra, Masauti, Dj Niiro, Amber Ray and BM Shaxxy graced Mtwapa during the launch of Tusker Ndimu.

According to Andrew Maundu, a boda boda operator, business has been booming.

“I make quite a kill especially on weekends as the revelers hop from club to club to experience the vibrant nightlife of Mtwapa,” said Maundu.

Sasha Mokeira, a patron in one of the clubs in Mtwapa said that town is bouncing back.

“Clubs in Mtwapa are sprouting up and revelers are not shy to spend,” said Mokeira.

Kenya Breweries Innovations Manager Kanyi Kiuru said the launch of Tusker Ndimu on Madaraka Day marked the beginning of an annual tradition.

He said building on the success of this year’s event, plans are underway for the next festival.

“The goal is to make it even bigger and better, continuing to offer unique opportunities for attendees to create unforgettable memories,” said Kiuru.


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