Mutua to protesters: How do you feel that the officer is disabled?

Tourism CS Alfred Mutua visits Chief Inspector David Maina in hospital. [X]

Tourism CS Alfred Mutua on Thursday visited the police officer who lost both arms during protests against the Finance Bill.

Terming the demonstrations as unlawful, Mutua said they were driven by ‘mere activism and propaganda’, warning those involved that their hands were blood-stained.

“My visit highlights the profound impact of the recent unrest on both the individuals involved and the broader community, underscoring the need for tolerance, unity and resilience in challenging times.

“While affirming the right of Kenyans to protest, I caution against demonstrations driven by mere activism and propaganda,” said Mutua.

He added that those involved would have a case to answer before God as the officer is now disabled and his life will not be the same again.

“You have a right to demonstrate but you have blood in your hands…deal with your God. You boys and girls as you demonstrate there and fight with the police, how do you feel that that man is disabled? Police officers are people, they are human beings, they feel the pain,” Mutua said.

He also defended the proposed tax policies saying the current government is doing its best for the country.

Chief Inspector David Maina lost his arms when a tear gas canister exploded in his hands just as he was about to launch it.

He was immediately rushed to Nairobi West Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Police Constable Mildred Amoit, who was near him during the incident, sustained minor injuries on the chest and was admitted to the same hospital.

Earlier this week, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino also visited the officers in hospital and thanked the medical team attending to them.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino visits police officer who was injured in teargas explosion. [Facebook]

“It is unfortunate that anyone should suffer injuries in the exercise of citizens’ democratic rights,” he wrote.

Adding: “To our police brothers and sisters, these young people are fighting for you as well; do not accept to be used to stifle freedom in our beloved Kenya. This country belongs to all of us and we have no other so we must get it right.”


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