Oparanya opens up: Two wives, a girlfriend, and no secrets

Former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya and his girlfriend Biketi. (Courtesy)

Former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya recently shared details about his personal life, revealing that he has two wives and a girlfriend.

Speaking on the Art of Living show, Oparanya said that his wife has no issues with his relationship with his girlfriend.

"So we have no problem. I have no problem and my wife doesn't have a problem. Even when my girlfriend comes here, my wife has no problem," Oparanya stated.

He stated that his wife and girlfriend are friends, adding, "They are friends and sometimes my girlfriend comes here to say hi to my wife. My wife can't complain because I take good care of her every day."

Oparanya attributed his openness to his mother's advice.

"My mother told me to be sincere. I was born alone, but my mother always told me to have more children to compensate for the siblings I lost," he explained.

Regarding his relationships, Oparanya said that companionship is essential, especially after politics.

"You know, after politics, you need someone to keep you busy and entertain you. My wife can't accompany me everywhere, so sometimes you just need to relax with a beautiful lady around you," he said.

Wycliffe Oparanya and his two wives. (Photo/Benjamin Sakwa)

Two months ago, Oparanya's relationship with Mary Biketi became a hot subject on social media after photos of them together were leaked.

Initially private, their affair became public when someone posted their pictures online.

Last year, Oparanya dismissed a similar incident involving a photoshopped image of him with another woman.

This time, however, he confirmed the authenticity of the photos.

"Those are genuine photos. I don’t know why someone would waste time trying to circulate them. It’s unfortunate whoever took the photos leaked to the press," Oparanya said.

Biketi also addressed the situation, clarifying that she did not leak the photos.

"I did not leak the photos, but someone else did. It feels totally bad, but there is nothing much I can do," she said.

Biketi expressed her respect for Oparanya's other wives and stated that she is not out to ruin his marriage.

"I am not afraid, he is a polygamous man and I respect the other wives. No one has attacked me, those photos were leaked," she explained.

Oparanya, a known polygamist with two wives, Priscilla and Caroline, had previously stated that he was content with his marriages and had no plans to marry another woman.

In a previous interview, Biketi confirmed her relationship with Oparanya but chose not to disclose details, maintaining her desire for privacy.


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