Safaricom distances itself from data breach allegations

A mobile phone in someone's pocket

In the wake of recent protests countrywide, Safaricom, the country's leading telecommunications provider, has been on the receiving end after several social media users claimed that protest organizers and participants had their data compromised, leading to arrests and abductions as well as targeted harassment.

Responding swiftly, Safaricom issued a public statement refuting these claims and vehemently denying allegations that they have been sharing user data with authorities.

They emphasized their commitment to user privacy and data protection, outlining their strict adherence to Kenyan law and industry regulations.

The statement explained that customer data can only be released with a valid court order.

“We respect our customers' privacy and adhere strictly to the country’s data protection laws. As such we do not share any customer data unless explicitly required of us via a court order,” reads the statement in part.

"On the current issue of discussion, we confirm that we have not received any court order requiring us to share customer information with any government agency," they said. 

While some scepticism still lingers online, Safaricom’s response didn’t seem to calm the situation as hundreds of comments flocked in expressing their displeasure with the Telco company.

Over the past few days, especially since the Gen Z-led anti-Finance Bill protests hit the ground running, tens of social media bigwigs especially in X have been arrested and people have been expressing their disapproval.

Lawyers have been on their toes demanding the release of those arrested, arguing their right to picket is being violated.

On the other hand, hashtags have been flying across X with Gen Zs sharing photos and real-time updates of the arrests while showing solidarity with the protesters.


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