How to reverse KPLC prepaid tokens accidentally bought for wrong meter number

KPLC prepaid token. (Courtesy)

Accidentally purchasing prepaid tokens for the wrong KPLC meter number can be a stressful experience.

However, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) has a clear process to help you reverse or reallocate those tokens.

Here’s a guide to help you navigate the token reversal or reallocation process smoothly.

Obtain the KPLC prepaid token reversal/reallocation form

First, you need to obtain the official KPLC Prepaid Token Reversal/Reallocation Form.

This form is available for download from the KPLC website or can be picked up from any KPLC office.

Fill out the payment details (Section A)

Begin by filling out the payment details section of the form.

Enter the name of the person who made the payment and provide the identification number or passport number of the payer, attaching a copy for verification.

Include the phone number associated with the KPLC meter, the amount paid, and the date of payment.

Write down the transaction reference number from the payment receipt and mention the payment agent, such as M-Pesa or Airtel.

Include the token number received and specify the number of units purchased. Finally, the payer must sign to authorize the process.

Provide meter details (Section B)

If you entered the wrong meter number, you need to provide the incorrect and correct meter details in the appropriate sections of the form.

Wrong meter number details

For the wrong meter number details, enter the name associated with the incorrect meter number, the wrong meter number itself, and the location of the incorrect meter if known.

You’ll be required to explain the reason for the error as well.

Correct meter number details

For the correct meter number details, provide the name associated with the correct meter number, the correct meter number, and any additional relevant details.

Official use section (Section C)

The form includes a section for official use by KPLC staff. This part of the form is where officials will check if the token was loaded and verify the remaining units.

They will also note if the erroneously generated token was already loaded or not.

The officials will take actions such as entering the erroneously generated token, the clear credit token, and the replacement token.

Signatures and approvals

The form requires multiple signatures for validation. The person initiating the reversal must provide their name, ID, signature, and date.

The person clearing the process must also provide their name, ID, signature, and date.

The finance department will approve the transfer or reversal with their signatures, and finally, the responsible department will action the transfer or reversal with their signature.

Submit the Form

Once you have completed the form, submit it to the nearest KPLC office for processing. Ensure that you have attached all necessary documents, such as copies of the payer's ID or passport.

Double-check all details before submission to avoid further errors. Attach all required documents and follow up with KPLC if you do not receive feedback within the expected timeframe.


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