Gen Z takes charge as Kenyan celebs bow to pressure, reject Finance Bill 2024

Kenyan celebs bow to pressure, reject Finance Bill 2024.

The controversial Finance Bill 2024 has sparked a firestorm across Kenya, and even celebrities haven't escaped the heat.

In the face of public outcry, several Kenyan stars have been forced to publicly declare their stance on the bill, with some even issuing apologies for their initial silence.

Eddie Butita speaks out

Kenyan comedian and actor Eddie Butita recently took to Instagram to express his opposition to the Finance Bill 2024.

Addressing the criticism he faced for not taking a stance earlier, Butita said, "Recently, I have faced criticism for not publicly stating my position on the Finance Bill 2024. I want to address the issue directly and share the state of affairs surrounding my recent actions."

Butita acknowledged the widespread frustration among Kenyans, noting, "It is clear that we need a proper structure to ensure our voices are heard and represented effectively. Often, our leaders lose touch with those they represent. The results are what is happening currently."

Having avoided political commentary in the past, Butita now feels compelled to speak out.

"Over the years, I have shied away from making political stands, but I agree this is not a political moment. With my status, my silence is not warranted. It 'creases.'"

Butita concluded his statement with a firm rejection of the bill, saying, "The Finance Bill, as it stands, is not okay. I played a role and submitted my concerns and will do it again when needed because I am a citizen and a businessman.”

“I want the best for my countrymates, family, friends, and colleagues. All said and done, it is time to publicly make my position official. I, Eddie Butita, #RejectFinanceBill2024. It is time to listen. We cannot be all wrong. Hayaa basi, Gen Z nitafutieni t-shirt kali nireport kwa ofisi."

Milly and Kabi wa Jesus apologise and join the cause

Popular social media influencers Milly and Kabi wa Jesus also faced backlash for not participating in the protests against the Finance Bill. Responding to the criticism, Milly took to Instagram, writing, "Let me start by saying that I #rejectthefinancebill2024."

She continued, "I've spent the morning catching up on yesterday's events and want to clarify my stance. I understand that we disappointed our audience by not engaging in the conversation promptly, especially yesterday, and I apologise for that."

Kabi echoed her sentiments, stating, "We reject the punitive Finance Bill 2024. While we couldn't be there for yesterday's public protest, we fully support the movement. A big thank you to everyone who showed up, especially the inspiring Gen Z."

Abel Mutua joins the protest

Content creator Abel Mutua addressed the public's questions about his stance on the Finance Bill, saying, "I hear you're wondering where we stand. We had to walk a bit after the show in Eldoret, but now we're back in the city. Tomorrow around 6 pm, we'll be there at the parliament. Let's meet there for those doubting our stance, we are opposing this bill, what's the fuss about?"

Catherine Kamau (Kate Actress) issues an apology

Actress Catherine Kamau, known as Kate Actress, faced significant backlash for her remarks on social media and her involvement in President William Ruto's state visit to the United States, which reportedly cost Kenyan taxpayers Sh250 million in travel expenses. Initially defensive, Kate responded to criticism on Instagram, saying, "Your thinking is so limited. Some of us don't need government money to thrive. This trip is completely self-funded. This is me investing in my brand and taking care of my business. Get it?"

However, following the public outrage, Kate issued an apology, stating, "I want to sincerely apologise for the insensitive comment I made on my Instagram page."

She clarified that the trip was not government-funded but facilitated by an invitation from the US Ambassador to Kenya. "After much reflection, I realise it was a reflex response to the false allegations," she said.

"I reiterate that it wasn't [government-funded]. However, I acknowledge that I should have responded in a more respectful way."

Andrew Kibe stands with Gen Z

Content creator Andrew Kibe has declared his support for Gen Z in their fight against the Finance Bill 2024.

Initially hesitant, Kibe explained his change of heart, saying, "It has been a crucial point in our country right now, and I want to thank Gen Z because they have opened my eyes. I was lost, but now I am found."

Reflecting on his previous reluctance, Kibe said, "At the beginning of this thing, I was very sceptical. I am afraid of being taken out, and I am afraid of everything. I did not see this movement, and that was a big mistake on my part.

“But I want to assure you, Gen Z, and everybody else who is in this movement, that I am 100% here now. Hata kame hamnitaki, mimi niko ndani. You are better with me. Trust me, we are better together."


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