Charlene Ruto: Proud of dad for listening to youth on X space

Charlene Ruto thanked the President for listening to Kenyans on X.

Charlene Ruto on Saturday said she was proud of her father President William Ruto for joining Kenyans on X space to discuss the state of the nation.

Charlene also thanked all those who participated in the charged conversation for openly articulating their issues.

“Proud of our President for taking time to listen and respond to the concerns of the young people on X space yesterday!

“Also super proud of the young people for expressing themselves truthfully and respectfully We did it!”

This came after weeks of protest, mostly led by young people, who were against the Finance Bill that was later withdrawn.

The president, in a bid to listen to Kenyans, said he would be open to an X space where he would answer all questions regarding his leadership and the wave of protests that had spiralled out of control.

Shortly after a State of the Nation address at State House, Ruto swiftly moved to X where he was supposed to host the conversation from 2pm on Friday.

As expected, many Kenyans wanted to be part of this historic moment but technical issues locked thousands who reported the ‘Could not fetch Space’ error.

X bigwig Osama Otero hosted the Space and the president joined as the conversation kicked off some minutes to 3pm.

State House spokesperson Hussein Mohamed moderated the discussion as Kenyans from different walks of life posed their questions to the president.

The conversation revolved around police brutality, taxes, false promises, debt burden, abductions and lavish living by some leaders and Ruto explained himself to the nation.

President William Ruto [PCS]

At the end of the discussion, he took time to pray for the country and empathised with those who had lost their lives during the protests.

Here is Ruto’s prayer for the nation:

Thank you heavenly father for the feedback that we have got from these great Kenyans on the issues that affect our country; the employment issues, the tax issues, the debt issues, the issues around our healthcare and many other issues. Help us heavenly Father to empathise more with those of us in situations that require empathy; those who've lost their loved ones, and those working in different situations.

I pray for the peace of Kenya, I pray that we shall respect one another, we shall respect our constitution and all of us shall work together towards a much more peaceful, much more united and a much more prosperous Kenya in Jesus' name I pray. Amen.


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