12-year-old girl rescues mother from husband's mistress during knife attack in Embakasi

Veronicah Mueni [Lilian Chepkoech,Standard}

Jennifer Adhiambo was rescued by her daughter after she was attacked and stabbed in the head with a knife by a Veronica Mueni. 

 During the court hearing, Adhiambo says she was attacked in her house in Pipeline in Embakasi by Mueni on June 25.

Adhiambo had just come from hosting her husband’s relatives when she decided to go to the shop to buy vegetables to prepare lunch for the visitors who had just left the house with her husband.

On her return, she said a woman armed with a padlock and a kitchen knife stashed in her waist, dropped in unannounced.

She said the woman declared that she was the main wife of her husband and she was the one who should cook for his visitors.

Adhiambo asked who she was and what she wanted but the accused could hear none of it. 

She attempted to use the padlock to lock the house so that she could attack her but Adhiambo prevented her from doing so.

Adhiambo said that during the fight, Mueni took out the knife and used it to stab her in the head.

The alleged intruder continued to attack Adhiambo and it took the intervention of her daughter who used a gas cylinder grill to hit the accused before running out to call help from neighbours who found Adhiambo writhing in pain.

She was rushed to the hospital while the accused took to fled. She was, however, arrested following a report made at a police station.

In court, Mueni denied assaulting Adhiambo and was released on a cash bail of Sh25,000 or alternatively pay a bond of Sh50,000. The matter will be heard in November.


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