Mwea rice canals turned into dumping ground for bodies


Residents of villages bordering the Mwea Irrigation Scheme have complained that they keep stumbling on bodies dumped in canals. 

Josiah Ndabiri, a resident, said they mostly stumble on body parts, especially in the morning as they visit their rice farms.

“It has become the norm to find such things in the paddies, especially near the main roads,” he said. 

In the most recent case, police in Mwea West discovered human body parts which included a head, hands and abdomen belonging to a man. What are believed to be the same victim's legs were later found dumped in Mwea rice fields this week. The incident left residents shocked and worried about their security.

Police believe the man was killed and dismembered before being disposed of in the Mwea Irrigation Scheme water canals. 

Mwea West Sub-county Deputy police commander Sammy Beauttah said the Mwea Irrigation Authority shut off the flow of water in the rice scheme when they discovered the other parts.

“We appreciate the support from the scheme officials because we could have lost the evidence had the water flow continued,” he said. 

The canals made up of marshland-like paddies are flooded periodically to grow rice. This has made it a hiding ground for evidence. 

This week, residents of Mutithi village stumbled upon a torso while they were fetching water. 

They immediately informed the area chief who then informed police officers at Kiamaciri Police Station.  

“On Tuesday morning, human body parts were discovered at Kiuria rice plantation by farmers who had gone to prepare their rice seeds for transplanting,” Beauttah said. 

While the body parts were being retrieved at Kiuria and Mutithi irrigation areas, a family from Kiuria village in Nguka location were hoping the body parts belonged to their kin, Hiram Mungai, who went missing on Wednesday last week. 

Joseph Njenga said they were sure the remains belonged to his uncle who had gone missing. 

“We haven’t identified the body but we think our Uncle was killed over Sh66,000 he had,” Njenga said. 

The body parts have been moved to Kerugoya Hospital mortuary pending post-mortem examination. 

Beauttah said they have launched investigations into the bizarre killing, adding that the family will help identify the body parts at Kerugoya hospital mortuary.

Residents are now calling for security to be beefed up in the area.


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