Man accused of attacking pregnant girlfriend, causing miscarriage

Innocent Chumo Stephen [Lilian Chepkoech]

A taxi driver who allegedly caused his girlfriend to lose a three-month pregnancy will have his case go to full trial.

Innocent Chumo Stephen, 30, as read out before senior Principal magistrate Justus Kituku, attacked his 25-year-old girlfriend J.W.M on June 1st at Sunton, Kasarani.

Before the incident, the duo were lovers and when the woman found out that she was three months pregnant, she was happy.

She broke the news to her boyfriend on the phone. But when the man got the news, he kept quiet for two days and could not even respond to her request for money to buy supplements and other medicine.

Later, the man asked her to send him a list of medications she wanted. He did not, however, send her any money even as she continued to beg him.

Tired of waiting, she decided to go to his house but she did not find him. The door was, however, open and she went in, cleaned up, and went to bed.

Somehow, the man got wind that his girlfriend was in his house and called her and told her to leave. She refused.

The man then went home and attacked her. He allegedly pushed her to the floor and knelt on her abdomen. She screamed for help and the man stopped the attack. 

She went to her house while in a lot of pain. At home, she started bleeding and when she went to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, she was told that her pregnancy had aborted.

She filled P3 Form, leading to the arrest and arraignment of the accused. The court granted him a bond of Sh50,000 with an alternative bail of Sh30,000 pending a hearing of the case on September 8.


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