Hackivist group Anonymous threatens Kenyan Government over controversial Finance Bill

Anonymous threatens Kenyan Government over controversial Finance Bill.

The notorious hacktivist group Anonymous has warned President William Ruto and the Kenyan government as protests against the Finance Bill 2024 intensify.

In a video message posted on their X page, which boasts 5.1 million followers, Anonymous criticised the government's attempt to pass a bill they argue will unfairly tax Kenyan citizens.

"Greetings, Citizens of the world. This is a warning message to William Ruto, the Kenyan Government, and all members of parliament from Anonymous. It has come to our attention that there are discussions in parliament to pass the finance bill, which will unfairly tax the citizens of Kenya," the message begins.

The Finance Bill 2024 has sparked widespread opposition among Kenyans.

Critics argue that the bill's proposed taxes, including increased VAT on essential goods such as bread, higher excise duties on fuel, and new levies on mobile money transactions, will disproportionately impact the poor and middle class, exacerbating the already high cost of living.

"Kenyan citizens attempting peaceful demonstrations are being unfairly harassed, arrested, and shot at with live bullets by the police force under your command," the message from Anonymous continues.

They revealed that phone numbers belonging to members of parliament are circulating online, hinting at potential cyber attacks.

"Soon, there will be an uprising of hackers, many of whom may reside in your home country. Your secrets may no longer be safe, and there is a chance that all these secrets will be exposed to show how corrupt and unjust members of this parliament are, embezzling public funds for personal gain."

Anonymous, known globally for their cyber attacks against organizations and governments they accuse of corruption or injustice, has a long history of high-profile actions.

Their notable achievements include hacking into the websites of major corporations like Sony and PayPal, as well as government entities such as the CIA and the Church of Scientology.

While they have targeted various nations for social justice causes, this marks one of their first major threats against Kenya.

Today, June 20, protests are expected to peak as Kenyans march under the banner of #OccupyParliament to demand the rejection of the Finance Bill.

"On Thursday, the 20th of June, Kenyans will march and #OccupyParliament. We do not want you to amend the Finance Bill; we want you to reject it. Listen to the cries of your citizens, or the people of the world will resist you every step of the way," Anonymous declared.

As Kenya braces for what could be a significant day of protests, the government is yet to respond to both the public outcry and Anonymous's threats.

The group's message concluded with a rallying cry for unity and resistance: "Citizens of Kenya, do not worry, Tuko Pamoja! We are Anonymous, We are Legion, Expect us!"


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