Mowlem welder 'cuts' wife's lip for asking why he arrived late

Kenneth Kiguru Njenga {Photo/Lilian Chepkoech)

A woman in Mowlem, Nairobi, is nursing injuries after she was attacked allegedly by her husband. This was after she asked him why he arrived home late yet football matches ended by 6pm.

According to court particulars, Kenneth Kiguru Njenga, a welder, assaulted Ann Wangari on May 26.

The accused reportedly went home after midnight and found his wife and children asleep. He was enraged that his food had gone cold and his wife had not woken up to warm it for him.

He ate anyway and went to bed. When he asked his wife why his food was cold, she asked him what time he arrived home and what he was doing out late yet a football match he had gone to watch had ended by 6pm.

This angered him and he reached out for a sword which he used to beat his wife. She screamed for help but no one went to her rescue.

The man allegedly used the sword to cut his wife’s upper lip, leaving her with a deep wound. Her body started swelling and she called her brother-in-law who came and took her to hospital.

All this while, the accused person is said to have been bragging that he was untouchable and no one could dare take action against him because the neighbours appeared not to be bothered by the situation.

But the following day, his wife made a report at a police station leading to his arrest and arraignment.

He has since been released on a bond of Sh30,000 or an alternative bail of Sh20,000.

The case will be heard in October.


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