Charlene Ruto: My father truthfully holds the best interests of Kenyans at heart

Charlene Ruto. (Courtesy/X)

Charlene Ruto, daughter of President William Ruto, has publicly addressed the ongoing protests against the Finance Bill 2024 for the first time.

In a post on X, Charlene shared her perspective, balancing her roles as both the President's daughter and a youth champion.

“I stand at a very unique position regarding the issues facing my country Kenya as we speak. As a president's daughter, I have no doubt in my mind, watching my father rise in politics for over 30 years, seeing his work and passion behind the scenes, that he truthfully holds the best interests of Kenyans at heart,” Charlene wrote.

She acknowledged the concerns of the younger generation, commending their active involvement in current affairs.

“As a youth champion, I hear the cry of this generation and give my kudos that we not only care about current affairs, but have a stand and are willing to raise our concerns. This is a gamechanger.”

Charlene further urged Kenyans for a consistent, informed, and respectful approach to activism.

“Let's do it consistently, in an informed manner, with respect and honour. That is how we will be heard. May we dwell in unity, peace and liberty. A way will be made.”

The ongoing protests against the Finance Bill 2024 have seen significant participation from Kenya’s youth, who are raising their voices against what they see as unfair economic policies.

The protests have been marked by clashes with police, resulting in tragic incidents, including the deaths of Rex Kanyike and Evans Kiratu, young activists who lost their lives during peaceful demonstrations.


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