Why young, pretty women love mubabas


Some years back, dating a parent’s age mate was taboo. Such unions were gossiped about in hushed tones but today, it is fashionable.
Young ladies have no apologies for dating their granddaddies. Crave for Wababas has climaxed. Girls no longer hide ‘love’ for those with deep pockets.
The generous men of pensionable age too enjoy munching them fervently. Here are reasons wababas beat young, charming, and energetic men in this game.

  1.     No cost sharing
    He does not ask the lady to chip in after a yummy meal and expensive drinks. The moneybag spends without whining, spoiling the damsel with goodies and fun.
    The word No is not part of his conversation with her. Unlike Mato wa Mwiki, a Mubaba pays for whatever she asks for and on top, gives her money to take care of her other needs - sometimes without immediately demanding favours.
  2.  Oblivious of item prices
    Asked to take care of some shopping, mubaba just sends money. He cares less about the prices of basic items. His ignorance thrills her. She capitalizes on it. She, easily, tricks him that a packet of unga is going for Sh350 and he pays for it. However, Oti, a hustler, is not gullible. He knows where unga is going for Sh190 and sends the exact amount when not delivering the shopping himself.
  3. No online taxi app
    How is a tech dunce mubaba of big benefit to her? When asked for fare from Roysambu to Nairobi CBD, he sends Sh2,000. She jumps into Githurai 45 buses charging Sh20 and saves the rest. If the mubaba had an Uber app, it would cost him less than Sh500.
  4. Incurious about kins
    As far as his needs are met, mubaba does not dig deeper into the girl’s background. The affair is temporary so not curious about her parents and siblings. He knows his money takes care of her kindred too but that is the least of his worries. Kipkoech wa Kasarani would be crying foul in such a situation.
  5. Rare visitor
    The mubaba keeps off her house at Donholm even if he furnished it and pays rent. The closest he is at the gate is when dropping her off before zooming off like an emergency responder. This allows the chick to host friends, relatives, and even a broke boyfriend without worries. You don’t try this with Steve, the struggling accountant.
  6. ‘Hit-and-doze’
    Between the sheets, he is not a champion. Mubaba scores shortly after the kick-off and then sleeps like a log. His mission is to rekindle his 20s. Not many manoeuvres or else he snaps the aching waist. Adding some massage and sweet talk attracts fat reward. 
    Mubaba gives more than he gains but the young chap with hot blood wants a back-to-back game the whole weekend and eats like a horse.
  7. Unaware of estate rent
    He lives in the leafy suburbs of Kitsuru and is not aware of rent prices in Zimmerman. He has no business visiting her there.
    He takes care of rent and her other household needs. The girl stays in a Sh7,000 bedsitter but deceives him she is in a one-bedroom house costing Sh20,000. Mubaba pays without asking questions. If she was dating Jaymo, he would be a regular visitor and would be privy to the current power bill, let alone rent.
  8. Untroubled by the kid
    He is not after a relationship leading to marriage. Just a symbiotic affair, so the presence of a kid is less of a concern to him.
    He even takes care of him. For Brayo, hapo kunashikana kidogo. He fears the existence of some attachments with baby daddy and betrayal after bringing him or her up.
  9. Treasures privacy
    He is a reputable man and even when going to quench thirst, his stature must be guarded. She cherishes him for he does not ask for a photo together when in Diani or walk holding hands in the streets. To Denno, the pretty chick is for others, a show-off. Taking her to muguka dens and cheap bars where he is popular.
  10. Supports hustle
    His generosity is unmatched. Once made feel like a teenager, he is open to ideas. Shrewd lady proposes a business to support her in the future when she is dropped like a hot potato and replaced with a younger damsel. She uses his network of friends to reach great heights. 
    With broke Chris, the business proposal remains just an idea. 

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