New music: Bien and Breeder go hard on Maandamano

Bien (L) Breeder (R)

If you thought the hype around the protests was about to simmer down, you’re wrong. It went up a notch higher with Bien and Breeder collaborating for a catchy duet. The collabo dubbed Maandamano was released on Monday across all streaming platforms and has gained traction over the last 24 hours.

In the song, Bien talks of the reasons why the youth are on the streets and police brutality. He sings about the situation facing medics in the country, joblessness despite many young people being educated and satirically sings that only Jesus would heal at this moment given that the medics are on strike. He also mentions the opulence witnessed by politicians which has rubbed some quarters the wrong way.

Breeder comes in with his assertive rap style going hard on corruption, paying tribute to the fallen comrades who died during the protests and warns politicians that they are dealing with a different generation (Gen Z) which will not repeat the same blunders done by the older generations previously.

Tribeless, partyless, hiyo ndio msimamo. They’re killing us kwa protests sisi bado tunamatch on. RIP to our heroes, washa candles,” he raps in the song.

The song was produced by Hendrick Sam, the founder of Ace Audile, a front dedicated to bringing quality to the studio and stage. He previously worked with Tetu Shani in Africa Sun.

The song was sampled from two West African composers Balla Onivogui, bandleader of the influential Guinean band, Balla et ses Balladins and  Kante Manfila.


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