Real men take care of their health


When young, one continuously learns that it is a man’s world, but when you grow older, you learn that this saying comes with many responsibilities. Especially in African culture, a man is not expected to show emotions in public and must try to conquer all the hurdles by himself.

This, unfortunately, has led to men having mental issues, and some even taking their lives by suicide. This week a prominent male passed on, and he was alone, and someone forwarded a write-up to remind men about the reality of life. I have decided to put his peace here with a bit of my additional feelings. This is part of what he forwarded;

Men have always died alone, and this is witnessed a lot in this century where communication has become more accessible and information of details are readily available.

The romantic image of dying surrounded by loving family and friends, which was used to sell marriage to men, is no longer viable, and that belongs to romantic storybooks or Hollywood movies. 

Nobody likes a poor grandpa.

In most cases, the rest move on once men lose their productivity. The women transition to the kids, and the kids start their lives. And in many cases, some kids remain dependent on adults. But remember, nobody likes a poor grandpa.

Even your grandkids will like to visit you when they come to comfort, not to come and hustle. As much as nobody chooses when and how to die, we all want to die with dignity and at least not die prematurely. Usually, we assume that one will die of old age and be buried by the kids and grandkids in a beautiful ceremony. The woman also usually assumes that the wife will die before the husband, and the reason, is they don’t usually take care of their wills.

For those who marry, whether you get divorced or otherwise, there are things to bear in mind regarding your health. Always prioritize your health. Get medical cover and go for regular checkups from an early age. This tradition of men not going to the hospital and only being taken there must stop.


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