Betty Kyallo: I will no longer tolerate fake stories about me

Betty Kyallo [Instagram]

Media personality Betty Kyallo on Monday said she would take legal action against those who defame her and her brand.

Through her socials, Betty said some blogs post unverified information for clicks and likes, undoing years of hard work.

“They do this clicks, likes and views but it is extremely detrimental to all the hard work I’ve continuously put in over the years.

“There have to be consequences for such malicious actions. I will no longer be tolerating such spiteful, fake and false stories against me,” she said.

According to the Demand Letter seen by TNX, Betty, through Saluny Advocates, said there was a sensational post on the BNN page captioned: “Betty Kyallo and her Ben 10 Charlie Jones allegedly ran away with another bill at Silverstone Hotel. We give you all the receipts…”

Betty’s legal team said she has never ‘run away’ from any hotel without settling her bill and the allegations were baseless.

As a result, BNNAfrica was directed to; post an apology, delete the post from social platforms and write an admission of liability for defamation.

This is to be done by the end of the week, failure to which, legal proceedings will commence.

Betty said she was done being tolerant and a section of her followers supported her.

Ladyfaithke: Please do it cause it drains the mind of those who believe in you.

Sarahkakibiti: Way to go Berry. If you don't know what building a brand means please keep kwaeti

Shirleynestor: Well done Betty. Respect is paramount 


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