Kathy Kiuna: What I loved most about Bishop Allan Kiuna

Bishop Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna [JCC]

In a past interview with MC Jessy, Reverend Kathy Kiuna said she agreed to settle down with Bishop Allan Kiuna because of his focus and vision.

Kathy added that Allan was persistent in his pursuit to make her his wife and was clear about his intentions from the beginning.

“Ata kama huna(pesa) mtu hujiongelelea. Bishop hakuwa nazo lakini alipata nguvu akakuja akaniambia ‘I want you to be my wife’.”

After initially turning him down, Rev Kathy eventually agreed and admitted that she deeply fell for him thereafter.

“Actually when he took me on a date he told me, ‘I’m not playing games, I’m looking for a wife’. I looked at him and said ‘yes’. Because he knew where he was going he had a vision,” she narrated.

After introducing him to her family, they all liked him and approved of their relationship. The pastor also recalled when Kiuna brought goats to her home as dowry, and her father had to switch the healthy goats for the malnourished ones Kiuna had brought.

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“When we remember that day, we roll on the floor with laughter till now,” she went on.

First Encounter

Kathy and Allan met in the 90s when he was serving in the Faith Evangelistic Ministry, and Kathy was a singer at the ministry.

“I saw Kathy, and suddenly, something was stirred up on my inside,” he said. “Immediately I saw her, there and then, I knew this was my life partner. I knew that she was the right woman for me and the fact that we became very good friends made it easy for me. Moreover, when my spiritual authority Rev Teresia Wairimu saw her, she approved of her,” said Bishop Kiuna in a previous interview.


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