Help for women who have never hit 'cloud nine'


An orgasm is that feeling of intense pleasure during lungula. It is common to most women, but still a rumour to many.  While an orgasm is achieved naturally, there are women who are now for ‘induced orgasm’ through an ‘O-Shot’ the work of Alabama-based medical researcher Charles Runels who invented it in 2011 with his girlfriend as a specimen.
  The O-Shot uses platelet-rich plasma harvested from the patient’s body and then injected into the clitoral area to stimulate the growth of new cells. And it’s not just in America as there are some Kenyan women also going for O-Shots, according to Dr Francis Were, a cosmetic gynecologist who pioneered O-Shots in Kenya.

He says that the O-Shot has helped some of his patients achieve orgasms since “there are women who do not know what orgasms are because they have never had one all their lives. What the O-Shot does is to give them what they’ve been lacking.”

Betty Kasyoka, a nurse in Kiambu County says orgasm gives pleasure to a woman and “it is impossible to imagine orgasm if you have never had it.” Besides boosting immunity, Kasyoka says orgasm also improves fertility as it's achieved from the vibration of the uterus even though “women  without the uterus can also feel it.”  

Maryne Keseri, a city fashion designer, says women who have never had an orgasm mostly imagine it  and even “though they might get an orgasm they may not realize it is an orgasm because they imagined it differently.”

Keseri says it can come as a squirt, but they might mistake it for urinating, like her friend who was embarrassed that she was peeing on her hubby, a scenario which was traumatic but for  others “it is more of a sensitive rush on the body.”

 There is a misconception that toys are the easiest means of achieving it, but this also leads to the further misconception that orgasms are for sluts from watching blue movies.   

Keseri says other women think the size of the ‘joystick’ can trigger an orgasm, yet most times it comes naturally depending on the mood or from learning how to achieve it.

“Men get blue pills when they fail to reach orgasm, thus important for them to reach it.” She said women get a complete feeling of pleasure like they have completed a task and “they might go for a long time without thirst” besides preferring achieving it with the same partner.   

The O-Shots come in handy for women who have no idea what an orgasm feels like. 

Dr Were explains that “it’s an injection that is administered in the erotic areas of the genital tract, especially around the clitoris and the G-spot.

It’s a preparation of the plasma where the patient’s blood is taken, centrifuged, and then the plasma above the red blood cells is skimmed off.”
Dr Were adds that “the plasma contains growth factors which are then activated and administered at the G-spot area which is usually around a centimeter beneath the urethra opening of ladies.”

Different studies reveal that orgasm helps the brain to release oxytocin, the pleasure hormone which facilitates bonding when hitting the sack. 
The O-Shot however, is not so cheap as one-shot costs Sh80,000. Given the high price of the equipment used in the procedure and that everything has to be imported including the syringes and test tubes used to making and administering an O-Shot.
  The shot starts working within a few weeks and the effect is generally expected to last for up to 18 months but it varies from person to person as the issue is different in every woman.
  Dr Were explains that the O-Shot is locally sought by women who are in their 30s and 40s but depending on one’s level of anorgasmia, which is a type of sexual dysfunction where a person cannot achieve an orgasm despite adequate sexual stimulation.
  “There are women who have never achieved an orgasm all their lives. They only hear about it from their friends when they talk about sex. Yet, sex is supposed to be enjoyed by both the man and the woman.

“What we normally do is to try and restore the functions of the G-spot. You find that the clitoris, the G-spot, and the vulva have a complex of nerves around them that usually synchronize the lady to be able to achieve an orgasm.

“When the clitoris is stimulated, the vulva gets engorged meaning more blood goes there and the G-spot also has a lot of nerve endings that are very sensitive,” he says.
  When the O-Shot is administered, this means that new growth factors are being introduced around the G-spot which stimulates the development of new blood vessels and it doesn’t happen with one shot. It’s something that can be repeated depending on the response of the lady to the administration. Some can be given the shot twice a year and others thrice a year.
 Dr. Were added that the shot, though is a new technology does not have any side effects because the same plasma that is harvested from the patient’s body is what is injected back. But some men have issues with women who take long to get an orgasm. Wesley Wanyama, a city businessman, reckons some men get suspicious that their women had it somewhere else.

“It is frustrating when a woman takes forever or doesn’t completely get to orgasm. Sometimes men think they are not good performers.”

He also said it is important to reach orgasm because it gives joy and makes people energetic.

“Orgasm brings life to partners!” 
O-Shot lasts 14 to 18 months
. It takes about 30 minutes to get the O-shot. There is no recovery time needed as it is not a surgical procedure.
. The O-shot lasts between 14 to 18 months.
. One can have the first shot and then return for more. However, a period of eight weeks between treatments is advised to allow the full effects of the first shot to take place.
. The O-shot is not a drug and does not have any side effects.
. Once the shot is administered, one can expect full results like increased sensation, greater arousal from stimulation of the clitoris, the ability to orgasm from penetrative sex when you were previously unable to, and increased natural lubrication.


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