Five simple ways to make eggs for a busy morning


Fried eggs and slice of bread on pan. (Courtesy/iStock)

If you are a fan of making light but healthy breakfast meals or snacks, then you should make eggs your friend.

Eggs are the epitome of versatility in many kitchens worldwide due to the endless list of recipes they can be used to execute. They can be consumed in several forms, including drinking them raw.

Boiled eggs

One of the easiest ways of making an egg is by boiling it. It only requires boiling water and salt as the main ingredients, with no restriction on using kachumbari or your favourite sauce to eat with once they are cooked.

The boiling time varies depending on the degree of cooking one would like to achieve. After boiling, it is advisable to soak the egg in cold water for easy peeling.

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are another recipe made when beaten eggs are cooked in a greased pan and stirred continuously until they coagulate.

They could either be hard, where the eggs are left to dry out completely, or soft meaning they were cooked for less time, are slightly moist and runnier compared to hard eggs


The definition of an omelet confuses many, but it can be described as eggs that have been added to other ingredients like onions, tomatoes, and others. It could also be scrambled or cooked flat in a pan. A scrambled omelet is what many refer to as a ‘comrade’s meal’ when served alongside ugali.

Fried eggs

Many would agree that the most popular way of making an egg for breakfast is frying it. One can either chose to beat the egg before frying it or crack it directly on the pan.

In the latter recipe, there are several categories one of them being sunny-side-up. This is when an egg is cracked directly into a hot greased frying pan and only the bottom side is cooked.
When the whites settle, the egg is ready to be served. A runny yolk is one of the main features of a

Sunny-side-up egg

They could also be flipped to the other side and cooked till they are either hard, easy, or medium. These terms refer to the state of the yolk once the egg is cooked according to the preference.



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