Dad for hire: This life coach is the father your kids never had


It is a sad reality that there are many children and youth in Kenya who for one reason or another do not have a father figure or male adult role model in their lives. It is for this reason that Hawi James Ouma exploited this gap and initiated a business venture that saw people hire him to spend time with their children and youth as a life coach.

Many people who see his advertisements on social media think that he could be joking about the idea but he has been in business since 2010. During an interview with CityBiz, James attests that there are many Kenyans who are willing to pay for his services and he is really adding value and making good money out of it.

Besides, the many clients who need his services ensure that he is ever busy most of the time.

“I started my work through Lifesong Kenya, an organization that advocates for restorative justice, healing, and aftercare support for juvenile offenders,” Ouma said. “I recently became a Certified Professional Co-Active and have been working as a Life Coach for both boys and girls since 2010.”

He observes: “My motivation to start a business has been attributed to the need to earn income that can enable me to continue helping boys who need support in prison,” Ouma told CityBiz, adding that it is a sad reality that there are many children and youth who are not in a position to grow up with a father while others have fathers who are not present in their lives.

Most of Ouma’s clients are single mothers who want their children to have a father figure or a responsible adult male role model for their children. However, there are also incidences where teens and youth, some of who have no parents contact him seeking his services. The charges vary according to service need, duration of program, type of client, and other factors. He charges a minimum of Sh1000 for a one-hour coaching program and more for those whose coaching duration is more.

Life coach program

The coaching itself can take from one to three months, six months, or even more depending on the client’s needs. His main role as a father figure entails guiding male teens in navigating life’s issues, monitoring their social media accounts, and advising them with an accountability system.

“As a father figure, you are now an authority in the life of these male teens and this is a real huge responsibility,” explains Ouma, adding that “the life coach program also entails physical activities such as hiking, camping among others that add value in the children’s life.

James says this is the main job that puts food on the table. The many clients needing his services ensure that he is a busy man throughout the year. Although he does not shy away from supporting girls as well, he focuses more on boys than girls and this is for a reason;

“You see there are many programs and resources that target girls, and so I have to focus on boys more because they are neglected in society and hence this is where there is a huge gap.”

Ouma’s life coaching menu also entails teaching the boys how to handle and treat ladies. The idea is to enable the boys to learn how to treat women with dignity, honour, and respect.

“Everywhere, we see crimes of passion which are mostly associated with the lack of knowledge and know-how among today’s boys on how women ought to be treated,” states Ouma.

As a way of giving back to society, Ouma visits prisons to coach and mentor boys and men on living a dignified life.



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