Kenya, Comoros agree to abolish visa requirements before end of 2023

President William Ruto. [Standard, file]

President William Ruto says Kenya is making significant progress towards abolishing visa requirements with Comoros before the end of the year.

Speaking on Thursday, July 6, during the celebration of the Union of Comoros' 48th Independence anniversary, Ruto emphasized that the two countries shared a strong historical, cultural, and trade bond.

Hence, he stated, the two countries have fostered robust diplomatic relations and promoted mutual understanding and cooperation in various fields.

"We must take this commitment to freedom further, and encourage the free movement of people between our countries. On that note, I give you a commitment that Kenya shall abolish the requirement of visas for all persons holding valid travel documents issued by the Union of the Comoros into Kenya before the end of 2023," said Ruto.

Ruto highlighted that Kenya was eager to explore partnership opportunities to enhance collaboration in education, healthcare, agriculture, and security, with the aim of uplifting the lives of citizens and building a better shared future.

“To further strengthen our ties in the Education sector, we are working closely to allow students from Comoros to pursue higher education in Kenya and pay the same amount of fees as local students,” he said.

Ruto acknowledged the challenges both countries have faced on their paths to self-reliance but emphasized their perseverance and unity.

The president says the struggle for liberty is a responsibility passed down to present and future generations, and Kenya stands as a proactive collaborator with Comoros in various endeavours, including facilitating people-to-people exchanges, promoting investment, and sharing experiences in sustainable tourism practices.

“It is in these common challenges that we must hold hands and lead our people in finding amicable and lasting solutions. More than ever, we must embrace African solutions to African problems,” he added.


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