Mixed views over state's treatment of ex-president, raid on son's home



Former President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing media at his son's Karen home after police raid.

 Leaders from Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya and Kenya Kwanza yesterday traded barbs over the treatment of the former first family by the government.

While Azimio leader Raila Odinga’s allies believe the government is setting a new record on political witch-hunt, Ruto’s allies defended the raid and claimed it was necessary.

They claimed some powerful people were holding illegal guns and security agencies should not be afraid to challenge them.

According to Raila’s allies led by Minority Leader in the National Assembly Opiyo Wandayi, Ruto’s administration has chosen a path of dictatorship.

“It was totally uncouth and unwarranted. A provocation of the worst type. As a former president, Uhuru and his family deserve civil treatment and respect from authorities. The action must condemned strongly by all well-meaning citizens,” said Wandayi.

ODM chairman John Mbadi said the government is behaving badly and described the raid as an act of desperation.

Mbadi said the actions of the president and his government are likely to harden positions taken by Uhuru and his allies.

“Let the president desist from what he is doing. There is nowhere in the world where people’s resolve have been broken through tyranny and state violence,” the legislator said.

Mbadi told Ruto to understand his role as the president and claimed he is dividing the country.

According to Mbadi, being the Head of State is the symbol of national unity, but the current regime is abusing it every day.

“He has a higher moral responsibility to protect this country from sliding into anarchy. You cannot handle a former president the way he is doing,” he said.

He warned that the action of the government has a long term implication and is likely to make future presidents find it hard to hand over power if they know they will be prosecuted together with their families.

Uriri MP Mark Nyamita said the raid reminds him that power is truly transient. He is among the allies of Ruto from Nyanza region despite being an ODM MP.

“I would not say that it is right or wrong but when you are in power, treat people the way you would want to be treated when you are out of power,” Nyamita said.

According to Nyamita, when one is in power they should do things that they would want done to them when they are out.

National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) vice chairman Bishop John Okinda said the government has the machinery to arrest if there is something wrong.

However, he said that the government should not instill fear on Kenyans.

According to Bishop Okinda, such fear can be abused by anyone who may want to masquerade as government when in the real sense they are not government.

National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichwagwa said Uhuru had all the time to change the country but chose to disrespect those from poor background.

“We also have mothers and children to be respected and be guarded. Instead of laying a proper foundation for our country, they spent years looting the public coffers to the benefit of their families.”

He said; “The Inspector of General and the DCI should not feel threatened. We cannot have a country where some individuals keep tens of firearms in their houses. They don’t want us to carry out a search in their houses but they want us to believe that they are fighting for the good our people.”

“We want everyone to account for every firearm that is in their possession whether illegally or legally.”

He said all leaders must abide by the Constitution.

“They are threatening us with action yet they are calling on our children to go our to the streets while theirs are enjoying holidays in big hotels in the country and abroad.”

Nyaribari Chache MP Zaheer Jhanda called on the security apparatus to hasten their investigations and ensure that all those hiding illegal firearms are arrested and charged.

“Police should take them head on. We must all respect the rule of law and ensure that all our children are safe. Those threatening our officers should know that we also have children and mothers to be protected.”


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