Boyfriend left me as I had no car, MP says


Embu woman representative Pamela Njoki recalled how a potential suitor in her youthful days dropped her because she didn’t own a car and was not a degree holder.

Speaking during the University of Embu graduation ceremony, she told her story to the graduates about some of the realities that were about to surprise them in the after-campus life.

“I lost a very potential boyfriend because he was looking for a lady with a degree yet I had a diploma. There was nothing I could do back then,” she said.

She added: “Worse of it all was that he wanted a lady with both a degree and a car yet I didn’t have either of them but I was working. After that time I vowed to work hard.” MP Njoki says she did not let him (potential suitor) win and decided to look for opportunities where she could advance her education as well as get better jobs. “Afterwards, we bumped into each other in Nairobi streets and because I knew his number plate, I lowered the window and greeted him,” she said. “He didn’t believe that I owned a car. Later on, I went ahead to do a degree in Communication and PR and now am taking a Master’s degree.”

She also asked the graduates to keep off drugs. “The choices you will be making from today will be entirely up to you. Keep good company as you strive to find opportunities that match your skills.” She added: “Look for opportunities where you are and not be choosy in the job market. Do what is available as you look for what you want.”


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