Nadia Mukami loses phone during Finance Bill protest

Nadia Mukami loses phone during Finance Bill protest. (Courtesy)

Tens of celebrities and public figures took part in today's protests against the Finance Bill 2024.

Among them were songstress Nadia Mukami and her husband Arrow Boy, with the former being a harsh critic of the draconian bill and asking for its complete rejection.

In the midst of today's fracas, the "Maombi" singer lost her phone but was fortunate enough to find it later.

"Neno ni Moja #rejectfinancebill2024 THE WHOLE LOT!!!!!!!!!!! Today we paused Water & Wine EP marketing and hit the streets to support our fellow Kenyans! Tear gas, lost my phone and found it again, fell over BUT it was worth it!!! I love how Kenyans have united for this cause," she posted on her social media pages, showing the bruises she sustained during today's demonstration.

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She is among the many celebrities and top influencers who are rallying against the bill, including Charisma, Shiviske, Joanna Kinuthia, Murugi Munyi, Patricia Kihoro, Atemi, Juliani, Adelle Onyango, Muchiri Mike, Michelle Muchai, Jackie Matubia, and Foi Wambui.

Each took the time to capture and share moments of the protests, with Benga maestro Dan Aceda being apprehended by the police.

"After that pic I've been a little under state management, but I'm out again, although they kicked me a bit.... At least I enjoyed my taxes a little there," he shared.

"Guys...the first tear gas was dropped 10 seconds after I made this video. Please tell me what we were doing wrong here? #PeacefulProtest #RejectFinanceBill," posted Atemi Oyunga.

Later during the protests, she shared about a good Samaritan who came to her aid when she was suffocating from tear gas.

"A very kind man came to my aid when I was choking on the tear gas. I wasn't expecting it because we hadn't even started. He helped me breathe and gave me water. Thank you sir...whoever you were," she wrote.



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