Ichungwah to Uhuru: Ruto does not need your advice

National Assembly Majority leader Kimani Ichungwah and former President Uhuru Kenyatta. [File, Standard]

National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichungwah has told off former President Uhuru Kenyatta over remarks that President William Ruto has not reached out to him.

Uhuru during a meeting with Editors from various media houses at his Nairobi Residence on Monday said that he was a frequent visitor to the residence of the late former Presidents Moi and Kibaki where he sought advise on various issues.

“If called upon by President Ruto over any issue I would gladly respond since he is now my President just like i initiated visits to former Presidents Daniel arap Moi and former President Mwai Kibaki whenever I felt that there was an issue that I needed advice,” he said.

Ichungwah said that Ruto does not need any advice from the former president whom he supported for 10 years only to turn against him and put hurdles in his State House bid which he was able to surmount and eventually got elected as the fifth President.

“You get invited if you have got worthy advice to give anyone, in this case the only advice the President can get is about state capture, self and family ahead of country and handshakes to facilitate looting,” he said.

Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina said that Ruto’s narrative of Uhuru sponsoring protests is lame and a red herring since the former President was busy living his life and should be left to enjoy retirement in peace after serving the country with dedication.

Kina asked the President Ruto to focus on lowering the cost of living terming as the reasons as to why Kenyans have taken to the streets in most parts of the country.

Former Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu said that Uhuru should acknowledge the fact that he was unsuccessful in stopping Ruto from being president and must now step back and let him run the country.


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