ODM Party is disrespecting my mother, says politician


Suba South MP Caroli Omondi has ended his silence regarding what he perceives as insults directed at him by leaders within his ODM party.

Omondi, one of the ODM MPs who have chosen to collaborate with President William Ruto's government, has found himself at odds with his party leader Raila Odinga, who opposes this decision.

Expressing his concerns, Omondi has now taken issue with fellow leaders within the ODM party for the insults he has endured. In a particularly distressing revelation, he shared that an unnamed senior political figure within ODM had insulted him by invoking his late mother.

During the launch of free government WiFi at Magunga market and a fundraiser at Tonga Catholic Parish, Omondi articulated that it is inappropriate for any political leader to belittle someone based on their decision to cooperate with the government.

Omondi said he would not allow any political leader to disrespect him due to his choice to collaborate with Ruto.

"You all know that I buried my mother here last year. However, why would someone insult me, suggesting that I am as foolish as my late mother, just because I am working with the government?" he said.

Omondi said the insults represent a failure on the part of the leader to acknowledge the services they had previously rendered.

"If you resort to insulting us simply because we have chosen a different path, it's essentially saying you no longer value our contributions to your objectives."

He pledged his commitment to collaborating with the government in order to facilitate the initiation of developmental projects for the benefit of the people.


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