Millie Odhiambo: Ruto is as deceptive as a bra


Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo has rekindled a debate on the deceitful nature of bras.

Millie compared President William Ruto’s promises on reducing the cost of living to bras. Her argument is that a bra can mislead a man’s perception of how big or small a woman’s breasts are.

When a woman puts on a bra it makes her breasts take an admirable shape, which may not be a true depiction of what they look like outside the bra. This is why people use expressions like “lying like a bra”.

Millie revived the debate of Ruto’s campaign promises when she attended an ODM rally convened by party leader Raila Odinga to launch party membership registration in Suba North constituency last weekend.

The MP likened the untruthful nature of the bra to Ruto’s promises on reducing the cost of living during campaigns.

Millie argued that during the campaigns, Ruto spoke eloquently to convince Kenyans with promises of reducing the cost of living if he won the presidency. Many Kenyans fell in love with Ruto’s promises since the cost of living was the main challenge that affected Kenyans then.

Those who listened to Ruto’s campaign pledges would believe he was the best candidate to fix the disease that was ailing Kenyans.

But the president has been in office for more than a year, and Millie says the promise of reducing the cost of living is yet to be kept.

Kenyans are unsure of what the future holds, the MP said.

Instead, the cost of living continues to skyrocket with the cost of basic commodities going up steadily. The problem is also orchestrated by high taxation in which the government wants to start taxing Kenyans for services they previously acquired at no charge or relatively cheaper charges. These include registration for a national ID card as well as birth and death certificates.

All these culminate in taking away money from the pockets of Kenyans, escalating the level of poverty. According to Millie, the promises made by Ruto on his campaign trail and the current economic situation leave a lot to be desired.

Millie argued that Ruto’s pledges had a good outlook but what was inside them was an eyesore.


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