University students in trouble for stealing Sh300,000 from lecturer


A lady in Kasarani said to be a student of KCA University and who lured the city don into using his online account profile for learning was charged with stealing alongside her accomplices. The suspect, Ivy Mwikali, in the company of Lilian Nduku and Matilda Kaluki, were all charged with stealing 2,376 dollars (Sh339,958) - all being the property of Adwick Angwenyi Gichana.
According to court particulars, the theft happened on July 12 at Gichana’s residence in Kasarani’s Seasons area. Mwikali, according to the particulars of the court met with Gichana, a lecturer at the Naivasha during the Safari Rally competition. 

She introduced herself as a business student at KCA University and disclosed to him her problems including fees arrears. This was after learning that Gichana does online tasks that earned him extra earnings. Oblivious of Mwikali’s motives, he offered to help open an online account for her so that she can be performing a few tasks and in return get money.

The two, after the rally went back to Nairobi where they met again, and Mwikali was shown how to open an account to run some tasks. Mwikali in the company of her co-accused persons decided to change the account profile to hers. Gichana received mail information that the money which had been remitted to Mwikali’s account was successfully done in three transactions. He reported the case and they were arrested in Tala. []


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