Mzungu tourist in hot soup over Sh5,000 lungula debt

Kenyan money. (Courtesy)

An elderly tourist in Diani, Kwale county found himself in hot soup after he refused to pay Sh5,000 for sexual escapades he had with a local hooker.

The white tourist whose nationality and identity remains anonymous was forced to part with the money after the woman he slept with publicly shamed him and attempted to beat him up.

The public in Diani were treated to a spectacle with most demanding the tourist to pay the money for the services rendered.

The woman explained that the tourist had sex with her the whole night but declined to pay Sh5,000 they had agreed on.

“He said that he would pay me Sh5,000 for a night of pleasure but he has refused despite doing nasty things to me,” said the woman.

 The tourist was held captive by the woman who resorted to shouting and demands for the money owed.

“You had me for the whole night, pay me now. I want my Sh5,000. I am hurting everywhere,” said the woman seen on social media holding the tourist tight by the collar while roughing him up and attempting to kick his balls and wrestle him to the ground.

It took the intervention of security guards at the premises to separate them and convince the woman to calm down and resolve the issue amicably.

A white woman, who tried to intervene was asked to pay for the tourist but said she would not pay her money to a prostitute, a fact that saw her chased away from the scene.

“I pay for him for a Malaya?” posed the white woman who tried to convince the tourist to pay the money.

The public intervened and demanded that the tourist pay the woman her dues.

“You have to pay. You cannot have our woman and refuse to pay her. You keep on doing that now and then,” said one of the men in the crowd.



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