I am sorry for letting you down: Njambi Koikai's father says

Njambi Koikai's father Daniel Koikai has apologised for letting down his daughter.

Daniel Koikai, the father of the late Njambi Koikai, penned an emotional tribute to his daughter, admitting he was not a good dad at all times.

Speaking during Njambi’s requiem service at Nairobi Chapel, Mr Koikai said they had good and bad times, reminiscing how they would hang out at restaurants and bond over a meal.

He said they would also go for months without talking and he was broken that it was too late to mend fences.

“When times were good, we would go shopping and have lunches at some of the restaurants in town…

“I really miss the good times we shared together. When times were bad, we would go for days and months without talking, for which I will blame myself and will always do so as I’ve lost the opportunity to mend fences with you,” he said.

Njambi’s last message to father

Njambi’s father also shared details of the last message Njambi sent him on June 2, 2024, asking for juice.

“Hi Dad, I hope you got home safely. So I would need red berry orange water from Del Monte and fresh orange and passion fruit juice. The doctors are here, so I’ll have to go and we’ll talk tomorrow. It was good to see you and reconnect.”

Sadly, they did not see each other again.

The late Njambi Koikai. [Facebook]

I was not an ideal father

Koikai said he left the burden of raising Njambi on her mother, and was not as present as he should have been especially when she was battling endometriosis.

He also shed light on their broken relationship and how they did not see each other for close to eight years, when she was in primary school, as he had been posted out of the country.

On their reconnection, Koikai said they spoke at length about her education and he vowed to pay her fees.

Njambi was an endo-warrior and her father regretted not supporting her fully when she needed him the most.

“I regret immensely. It is too late to regret. I can only live with the reality that I failed when you needed me most and I am not proud of my conduct.

“At the hospital by your bedside with your mum on the night you left us, you told me we are the same blood and that you were happy I had come. We reconnected and I hope we shall reconnect again someday,” he said.


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