How ex-officer used 'miracle water' to influence court ruling

Water poured into a glass.

Homa Bay Judge Kiarie Waweru has asserted that his court does not succumb to the dark powers some litigants believe can sway court judgments.

Speaking at the Homa Bay Magistrates’ Court during a prayer service in commemoration of Monica Kivuti, a magistrate who was killed by a police officer after delivering a ruling at Makadara Court, Justice Waweru stated that he will not allow witchcraft in court.

“There are some people who think the dark powers can work in court. That mentality is wrong and I want everyone to know that we are not evil,” said the judge.

Justice Kiarie broke his silence over a strange incident in which a former police officer in Ndhiwa Sub-county testified publicly that he used supernatural powers to escape a murder case in which Justice Waweru delivered the judgment at Homa Bay High Court.

The man testified in a church before the congregation and was captured on video revealing how he sprinkled “miracle water” to influence the judgment.

The man had been charged with fatally shooting another person in 2017 at Riat trading centre in South Kanyikela location, Ndhiwa Sub-county. In the judgment delivered by Justice Waweru in December 2022, the man was acquitted because there was no evidence linking him to the murder.

The man testified that he sprinkled the water on different surfaces, including the bench, on judgment day. This happened after he managed to get into the courtroom ahead of the judgment time.

He added that the miracle water also made it easy for a security guard to open the court gate for him. Upon entry into the court premises, he went into the courtroom where he got the opportunity to sprinkle his “miracle water”.

The man’s testimony in the church caught the attention of the immediate former Homa Bay County Directorate of Criminal Investigations Officer, Abed Kavoo.

Mr Kavoo decided to summon all the parties concerned in the matter to record statements at Homa Bay Police Station. He said the suspect would also be questioned on how he managed to ‘escape’ judgment based on the testimony he had given in the church.

He said they could not prove the truth of how the miracle water could be used to influence the judgment of a case in court.

Kavoo advised security guards manning court premises in the county to increase vigilance and keep unauthorized persons away.

He also urged the Judiciary to install CCTV cameras in courts to enable retrieval of footage of what happens in court.

The case was also being investigated by the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA).

Homa Bay Judge Kiarie Waweru with other judicial officers at Homa Bay Law Courts during prayers in honour of slain Magistrate Monica Kivuti. [James Omoro, Standard]

About the above incident, Justice Kiarie urged police and security guards to strengthen security in courts.

“Suppose the man who entered the court premises and sprinkled water was carrying a bomb, we don’t know how the situation would have been. We need to sit down with our stakeholders and agree on the best way we can manage with what we have,” Waweru said.

He emphasized that the incident that happened to the late Kivuti should not be repeated elsewhere.


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