Topic: Acid

Man jailed for 30 years after blinding househelp with acid for 'refusing' him

By Kelvin Karani   2024-05-23 11:22:58

Fatuma says she declined Mohamed’s advances but her decision led to hatred, leading to her attack.

Jilted suitor jailed 30 years for splashing acid in woman's eyes

By Kelvin Karani   2024-05-16 14:11:44

A suitor who splashed corrosive liquid in a househelp's eyes, permanently damaging her eyesight, for turning down his advances will serve 30 years in jail.

Soil experts call for sustainable solutions to address acidity crisis

By Esther Dianah   2024-05-08 19:10:48

The experts were speaking during the 2nd Africa Fertilizer and Soil Summit in Nairobi. Kenya was represented by embattled Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi.