Topic: Employers

HR experts share what employers look for in new graduates

By Ferdinand Mwongela   2024-05-26 07:23:04

Ann Kariuki, the human resources lead at Brookside Dairies said that employers want an employee with emotional intelligence.

What employers and employees should do during times of disaster

By Nyambura Muhoro   2024-05-23 11:08:36

Disasters are a multifaceted challenge that can significantly impact the productivity and well-being of many organisations. Employers need to accord employees appropriate support.

HR firm launches mobile App for employers to monitor employee performance

By Patrick Vidija   2024-05-21 03:25:59

Dubbed ‘FaidiHR App,’ it is aimed at streamlining HR processes and delivering unparalleled convenience to users as well as helping employers monitor field employees.

House team seeks to spare employers from paying housing levy

By Grace Ng'ang'a   2024-02-16 19:47:58

National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichungwah commended the courts for halting the housing levy arguing that the decision paved the way to enhance revenue collection.

Respect workers' rights, union tells employers over house levy

By Samson Wire   2024-01-28 16:56:09

Kenya Environmental Health and Public Practitioners union says it will push for a refund of all the money that had been deducted before the court pronounced itself on the matter.

Raila now calls on employers to stop remitting the housing tax

By Judah Ben-Hur   2023-11-30 20:47:44

The opposition leader also hinted at a possible resumption of demonstrations; an avenue that has been favoured by Narc-Kenya leader Martha Karua.