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Tuesday protests: How Google map saved the situation

By XN Iraki   2024-07-03 20:07:39

Watching live TV streaming and events in town, I realised what I had left behind in town. Law and order can easily break down.

How Gen Zs saved 'Yes' MP as rioters raided Parliament

By Lynn Kolongei   2024-06-29 00:38:41

MP Jackson Kosgei, who is confined to a wheelchair, had resigned to fate as his colleagues took to their feet for dear life.

How underground tunnel saved MPs from rioters after Finance Bill vote

By Josphat Thiong'o   2024-06-23 13:25:17

Angry citizens camped outside Parliament demanding an audience with their representatives forcing lawmakers who voted for the Bill had to wait for the protesters to disperse before leaving.

I was on the verge of suicide, but a knock on the door saved my life

By Patrick Vidija   2024-06-02 09:41:31

Although she did not disclose to the friend what was happening, the idea of committing suicide vanished as soon as they started cracking jokes.

A knock on the door saved my life: Woman narrates her fears after HIV diagnosis

By Patrick Vidija   2024-05-27 20:38:22

As Kenya joins the rest of the world in observing World Mental Health Awareness Month, Janet says she is grateful that she never ended up as a statistic of people tussling with depression.

Controversy at Bomas and how SMS saved CDF Ogolla's career

By Benjamin Imende   2024-04-20 20:27:26

CDF Ogolla was among NSAC members who went to Bomas to meet Chebukati on eve of results announcement. In his SMS to Gen Kibochi, he informed him visit was about politics, not security.