Topic: Vision

World Vision, SHOFCO feted at NGO Week

By Suleiman Yeri   2024-06-19 23:39:41

Two Non-Governmental Organisations have been feted at the NGO week for being a lead in the celebrations’ preparations.

Church leaders react to new Finance Bill revisions

By Ivy Wanjiru and John Mwangi   2024-06-19 00:07:12

Pastor Peter Nyagah of Nairobi Central SDA Church commended the government for listening to the people's cries.

Ruto assents to the Supplementary Appropriation and Division of Revenue Bill 2024

By Mate Tongola   2024-06-10 19:22:20

The law mandates the National Treasury to authorize the issuance of Sh102,305,909,030 out of the Consolidated Fund.

Michelle Ntalami shares details of a vision God gave her

By Fay Ngina   2024-05-23 11:01:26

Michelle also announced that she would be releasing a video testimony detailing her encounter.

UoN hosts 23rd Chinese Proficiency Competition Kenya division finals

By Xinhua   2024-05-15 06:33:47

The University of Nairobi on Tuesday hosted the finals of the 23rd Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students Kenya division.

Report: Kenyans prefer television, newspapers and radio for news

By James Wanzala   2024-05-03 01:30:29

Kenyans still trust mainstream media as their source of information, a new study by the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) reveals.