Lilian Chepkoech

Convict tries to escape after finding out wife is pregnant

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-11-16 08:45:36

He is said to have turned violent when he was caught hiding. He pleaded guilty, saying he was devastated by the news that his wife at home was expecting a baby.

Woman in trouble after lover dies 'during the act'

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-11-16 12:11:18

She told the detectives that he became weaker and collapsed on her, hitting his head on the bed frame before falling comatose.

Kayole woman denies stealing Sh59K electronics over lungula fee

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-11-23 11:55:36

She denied stealing a television, a watch and a mobile phone all valued at Sh59,100, from a man she accused of failing to pay for having had sex with her.

Woman on spot for trying to stab help over her husband

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-11-24 14:10:27

The fight broke out when Isale served the man tea in his bedroom. Abdi is said to have taken the kitchen knife and tried to attack Isale but the man broke up the fight.

I smoke weed to forget about mutilated bodies in Dandora dumpsite

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-11-26 15:44:30

Shadrack Omondi admitted to the offence of having 17 rolls of cannabis sativa valued at Sh1,700. He was found at Dandora Phase 5 accompanied by accomplices.

Current vs Ex: Man stabbed as lovers fight over him

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-12-01 14:08:04

Esther Wangui, now Njogu’s fiancée, attempted to intervene to rescue him and, in the process, reportedly stabbed Susan using the same knife.

Three order cab via app, try to steal car from driver

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-12-04 13:33:01

The trio was dramatically apprehended by the police after Gathesa drove to the police station in distress, seeking rescue. They resorted to actual violence, strangling him during the incident.

Mama mboga charged in attempted murder case

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-12-08 08:17:08

The complainant’s entry into the house prompted the accused to arm herself with a kitchen knife, She asked him to identify himself and what he wanted but the complainant reportedly moved towards her.

Woman in dock after 'mumama' FB post

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-12-14 09:18:45

On the day of the event, Nyambura saw the man she had been chatting with. Allegedly, the man signalled her to sit away as he was in the company of another woman.

Man denies raping woman after being rejected

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-12-21 09:30:44

Wako allegedly abducted the woman while she was in the company of her mother at Huruma Kiamaiko in Mathare with the purported intention of marrying her.

Three men cornered by cops on patrol after robbing woman with fake gun

By Lilian Chepkoech   2024-01-09 08:14:47

The fake gun, according to the court papers, was a partly wooden and partly metallic object, an indication that they intended to commit a crime.

Woman in court for trying to run over lover's wife

By Lilian Chepkoech   2024-01-15 05:18:36

Nduta reversed several times just to hit Ngumi but her attempts were futile. However, Ngumi’s Mercedes Benz was damaged, as well as her gate and garage wall which were broken.

Woman in court over alleged plot to kill son-in-law

By Lilian Chepkoech   2024-02-27 18:31:07

The woman was not happy when she was advised by her son-in-law to move out of their home since she was interfering with his life.

Plot to kill son-in-law lands woman in court

By Lilian Chepkoech   2024-02-28 13:12:48

Saphina Amudede was accused of conspiring with a security guard to allegedly eliminate her son-in-law in a row over a rented house.

Friends fight over Arsenal jersey

By Lilian Chepkoech   2024-04-05 12:32:57

A man in Dandora has appeared in court alongside his accomplice after luring his friend to his house, where he assaulted him over an Arsenal jersey.

Man loses 'transformer' over cheap Sh80 beer

By Lilian Chepkoech   2024-04-26 12:56:07

Two individuals, were arraigned for inflicting severe bodily harm on a client’s private parts over a dispute which arose over an unpaid bill of Sh80.

Man charged for causing trouble over Sh500 tiff

By Lilian Chepkoech   2024-04-26 13:48:30

A 21-year-old has been arraigned in court for wreaking havoc at his sister’s house after he was denied some Sh500.

Mowlem welder 'cuts' wife's lip for asking why he arrived late

By Lilian Chepkoech   2024-06-23 10:12:24

According to court particulars, Kenneth Kiguru Njenga, a welder, assaulted Ann Wangari on May 26.

How desperate job seeker lost Sh190K to 'employment agent' on TikTok

By Lilian Chepkoech   2024-06-23 10:19:24

Josephine Midika is seeking justice after she allegedly lost the money in just a week of meeting Ian Odhiambo Odera.

Medical student faces charges of destroying lover's boxers, mattress

By Lilian Chepkoech   2024-07-12 11:29:30

A 24-year-old KMTC student has denied soaking her boyfriend's food in water and shredding his clothes and mattress following a disagreement.