Lilian Chepkoech

Face of the man who vandalized Expressway revealed

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-07-16 22:10:12

When he appeared in court, the accused pleaded to the charge but the court directed that he be remanded in custody until August 1, 2023.

University students in trouble for stealing Sh300,000 from lecturer

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-07-24 15:58:22

She introduced herself as a business student at KCA University and disclosed to him her problems including fees arrears.

Mobile phone thief to serve four years in jail

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-07-24 14:28:46

Brain Otieno, 19, confessed before a Makadara court that he stole a mobile phone worth Sh15,000 belonging to Monica Birech.

How security guard eloped with campus girl

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-07-28 15:19:13

The teen met and fell in love with the guard, who then took her to his rural home in Kakamega County.

Woman loses Sh2.3 million in scholarship scam

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-07-28 21:50:00

Kirui allegedly told Ndung’u he will use the money to process visas and travel documents.

Man faces charges for groping traffic cop

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-07-28 21:55:37

He vehemently denied the allegations, leading to his release on a bond of Sh100,000.

Woman arrested for threatening to bewitch colleague over boyfriend

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-08-05 13:34:18

She told the complainant she had visited a witchdoctor in Tala and was back to accomplish her mission of transferring the complainant’s private parts to her head.

Pastor who assaulted woman given Sh100K bond

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-08-14 03:02:44

The pastor shoved his hand in her to ‘unclog’ the woman’s anal way and private parts, and in the process, it is said that a piece of flesh came out. Njiru claimed to have successfully healed her.

Man in court for punching his mother

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-08-21 07:15:09

The accused is said to have gone to his mother’s house and found her asleep before he started banging and breaking the glass window.

Popular TikToker Kairetu Jenny taken to court over influencing gig

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-08-31 08:01:03

The terms were for her to serve as a brand ambassador and marketer. In return, she would get Sh4,000 for each video posted on her TikTok account.

Detectives pose as child buyers to arrest duo

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-09-01 13:17:15

The suspects are accused of unlawfully taking the child from their parent with the intention of depriving the mother of her rightful care and custody of the child.

Man in court over Sh12,000 unpaid pub bill

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-09-14 17:16:18

Kungu entered Kogalo Bar and proceeded to consume drinks and food, all the while feigning an intention to pay via his mobile phone, fully aware that this was a deceitful scheme.

Young woman stabs husband over food money

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-09-22 13:58:38

The accused was shocked when she discovered that the deceased had not moved in the morning.

How fake doctor obtained Sh1.7 million from kidney patient

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-09-15 16:01:26

The patient has been battling kidney disease for more than 15 years and needs a transplant.

Nairobi woman sets lover's house on fire

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-09-19 11:32:59

She asked to visit the house but threatened to harm him afterward.

Man pays dearly for sharing nudes of Facebook lover

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-09-20 11:25:04

The lady stayed with Orina for four days before returning to her home and blocking him on social media.

Fake weight loss doctors in court for scamming patient

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-10-23 12:10:28

Susan Francis and Mwangi Waweru were charged with defrauding Judith Mawia Munyoki by pretending to offer injections for weight loss.

When love turns into revenge

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-10-23 12:27:19

It is said that he poured the unknown substance suspected to be petrol at the man’s door before running away. 

She abducted my baby, shaved her hair

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-10-26 03:21:27

She reported the matter to the police who began their investigations leading to the arrest of the suspect.

Convict tries to escape after finding out wife is pregnant

By Lilian Chepkoech   2023-11-16 08:45:36

He is said to have turned violent when he was caught hiding. He pleaded guilty, saying he was devastated by the news that his wife at home was expecting a baby.