Mathew Ottamax: Harambee Stars keeper who split opinion

Ottamax was known for his ego, for which he doesn’t make apologies, despite many believing it is what came between him and overtaking Mahmoud Abbas as Kenya’s greatest number one.

Moi ally Joseph Kamotho was a loyalist with a heart of gold

For many years, Kenyans associated Kamotho with riches owing to his numerous contributions during different functions, especially harambees.

How China, Tanzania secretly funded Pio Gama Pinto family's escape

"We have decided to form a trust to raise money specifically to relieve Mrs. Pinto of the burden of educating the children. I would be very grateful if your government could make a contribution."

The name Kipsigis means giving birth

They rose from three brothers; Kipchomber Arap Koilege, Chebochok Arap Boisyo, and Arap Buiygut, sons of the Orkoiyot of Nandi Kimnyole Arap Turgat.

July is freedom month for many states in the world

In the neighbouring state, they mark it to celebrate the founding of the Tanzania African National Union (TANU) in 1954.