Kenyatta Otieno

History of Kenya's healthcare: From war centres to hospitals

By Kenyatta Otieno   2023-08-09 12:15:17

Pumwani Maternity Hospital got its name from a Kiswahili word – 'pumueni', which means 'breathe'. It is a common instruction for women during labour.

Winning AFCON hosting rights is no cakewalk

By Kenyatta Otieno   2023-10-07 14:33:10

Hosting a continental sports showpiece is expensive. Nevertheless, it offers a chance for infrastructure development, especially in auxiliary cities.

AFCON 2027: Will Kenya finally overcome poor tournament history?

By Kenyatta Otieno   2023-10-14 15:35:13

The debate now is on which countries will host the opening ceremony and final match. What concessions will the two countries make to the one who will miss out on the opener and show-stopper?

The name Kipsigis means giving birth

By Kenyatta Otieno   2023-10-17 12:28:55

They rose from three brothers; Kipchomber Arap Koilege, Chebochok Arap Boisyo, and Arap Buiygut, sons of the Orkoiyot of Nandi Kimnyole Arap Turgat.

Public Participation is a Luo Culture

By Kenyatta Otieno   2023-10-18 11:25:15

Political consciousness among the Luo in the former Central Kavirondo (present-day Kisumu, Siaya, and Busia counties) began after the First World War.

Shabana FC was once a force to reckon with

By Kenyatta Otieno   2023-10-24 17:03:38

The club germinated from the debris of Olympic Youth Centres founded by Kenneth Matiba.

A walk down memory lane with international rugby

By Kenyatta Otieno   2023-11-02 00:41:30

South Africa featured for the first time in the 1995 tournament which they hosted and won. Since then they have reached four finals and have never lost a final.

Zico never missed a penalty in his career

By Kenyatta Otieno   2023-11-18 15:03:58

Maybe due to competition in the midfield, the coach asked him to move to left back. The coach showed him clips of Arsenal FC right back Lee Dickson to let him know how to play in his new position.

African diaspora is the "third country" after China and India

By Kenyatta Otieno   2023-11-29 02:29:35

The African diaspora is the 'third country' in the world in terms of population. Africans intermarried with other races over time leading to varied definitions of Africans in the diaspora.

How slave trade, Suez Canal hit fortunes of Mozambique

By Kenyatta Otieno   2023-12-11 10:28:36

The civil war led to the extinction of Mozambique elephants, so they began to rear them again. In 2013, the last rhinos in Mozambique were killed by poachers making them extinct as well.

Mathew Ottamax: Harambee Stars keeper who split opinion

By Kenyatta Otieno   2024-04-10 09:09:50

Ottamax was known for his ego, for which he doesn’t make apologies, despite many believing it is what came between him and overtaking Mahmoud Abbas as Kenya’s greatest number one.

Teach your children good values at an early age

By Kenyatta Otieno   2024-04-12 11:14:53

The emotional maturity of parents is passed on to children through the way they relate to each other. Do not expect adult siblings to live in a way they did not experience as children