Athletics and stunning views pride of Iten

Mention Iten and what comes to mind is athletics. It is in Iten that many athletes have been bred and nurtured.

A Sh3,000 day trip to Suswa

Being 50 kilometres from Nairobi city, this makes it an ideal day’s trip or a weekend getaway for people living in Kenya’s capital.

Hiking hacks: How to prepare for a mountaineering adventure

Prepare beforehand. Research your perceived hike. This will help you to understand the trail, the weather, what to take, and what to expect.

Kenya turns to social media influencers to market country

A new regional brand, “Visit East Africa – Feel the Vibe”, was also launched to promote the bloc as a single investment and travel hub.

How to Prepare for Mountaineering

The story of Joshua, the great mountaineer who lost his life at Mount Everest has been trending for a while on social media platforms.

Another year of the Rhino Charge

With many obstacles along the way, chargers are supposed to make it through about a dozen checkpoints and finish the exercise within the shortest time possible.

The wild ride that is the Rhino Charge

Kajiado County, is the venue for the annual off-road competition in which entrants visit several points (Guard Posts) while travelling the shortest possible distance across difficult terrain.

Exploring the Hidden Gems of Nairobi

The Kibera Art Centre is a beacon of creativity and hope, showcasing the work of local artists who use their craft to tell powerful stories and inspire change.

Why you should disconnect from work while on vacation

So, are you on vacation and still reaching for your phone? You are not alone. 


How trip to Nairobi birthed travel outfit

The year is 1988. Two men in their late 20s, Darrell Wade and his college-mate, Geoff ‘Manch’ Manchester from Melbourne, Australia, craft what they think is the best idea of fun.

Kenyan climber Cheruiyot Kirui found dead on Mount Everest

A Kenyan mountain climber has died while attempting to scale Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen. 

How a Kenyan trip tested our family

The shared bathroom, for instance, was hundreds of metres away where water trickled down from an overhead pipe with no showerhead.

Call of the wild: Life that beckoned Mercy

Mercy Chari, positions her diminutive frame on the driver’s seat of the massive Toyota Landcruiser. She loves big machines.

Safety while travelling solo

Travelling alone, experts say, can be a liberating, inspiring, and confidence-boosting journey. However, the downside of solo travel is that solo travellers can be more vulnerable to scams or crimes. 

A serving of biking and wine on Table Mountain

After a whole day of getting teased by views of Table Mountain everywhere we went, it was finally time to go to the mountain itself the next day.

Remarkable stories of Kenya's celebrity animals

Najin and Fatu who live at the 360 square-kilometre Ol Pejeta Conservancy have become an emblem of the global wildlife crisis.

Made in Siaya: An epic road trip through East Africa

A Siaya teacher opted to take the road less travelled during the April holiday, clocking 3,000 kilometres in just nine days.

Train fit for royalty on the Selati Bridge

We had spent the night in the adjacent Skukuza Rest Camp and woke up before first light for a game drive in the famed wilderness.

48 hours of fun and adventure on a budget

The hills and landscapes are breathtaking. I almost came to a halt at the foot of the magnificent Kasigau mountain, marveling at its beauty.