Isaiah Gwengi

Raila warns Siaya MCAs amid break-up call

By Isaiah Gwengi   2023-11-13 00:04:11

This comes amid claims of a growing stalemate between Orengo and the Assembly. Human rights groups have also accused the county of poor service delivery and poor governance. 

Health volunteers at the frontline in patient care

By Isaiah Gwengi   2023-11-14 01:57:08

The impact of investment in community health services and CHPs is evident. Regular household registration and visitation have improved, with a reduction in the malaria burden.

Traditional beliefs scare residents away from planting umbrella tree

By Isaiah Gwengi   2023-11-14 18:46:52

They say the umbrella tree, popular for its unique shape, brings bad omen. But Luo Council of Elders dismisses the myth, says there is no scientific evidence.

Residents protest sorry state of dispensary

By Isaiah Gwengi   2023-11-26 00:44:40

Residents claim that the facility lacks essential drugs and is struggling with poor sanitation with some of the rooms infested with bats and rodents.

Police arrest seven terror suspects in Siaya

By Isaiah Gwengi   2023-11-27 15:23:46

The suspects were arrested following an operation conducted by a multi-agency team comprising officers drawn from the National Police Service and DCI in Siaya.

Orengo outlines measures to unlock Sh4 billion fish market

By Isaiah Gwengi   2023-11-29 00:58:29

Siaya Governor James Orengo expressed optimism that the expansion of fish value-addition industries in the county will promote sustainable fishing.

Agony for fishermen as extortion, robberies soar

By Isaiah Gwengi   2023-12-09 04:53:19

Fishermen have decried illegal arrest, torture and extortion by Ugandan authorities. The extortion ring is run by rogue police officers, fisheries officials and revenue officers.

Fishermen turn to technology to fight insecurity

By Isaiah Gwengi   2023-12-16 20:26:02

The beach official assured the fishermen that the digital registration will not only address insecurity issues but also provide data for purposes of planning and resource allocation.

Rare funeral as 'Royal Mother' is buried in a decorated grave

By Isaiah Gwengi   2023-12-24 03:39:31

Even though many people had attended the burial ceremony to see him, it shocked them when he failed to attend and instead followed and addressed the mourners virtually.

Orengo county address sparks mixed reactions

By Isaiah Gwengi   2023-12-31 19:51:20

Orengo's speech elicited mixed reactions from the leaders and residents, who expressed their views on the performance and the vision of the "Nyalore" government.

Asembo Bay roars back to life as Lake Transport revived

By Isaiah Gwengi   2024-01-03 17:47:59

On Tuesday, there was joy and celebrations after the Asembo Bay pier was revived with the launch of a waterbus.

Family demands answers after child died while being treated in Siaya hospital

By Isaiah Gwengi   2024-01-03 20:07:18

According to records at the hospital, the girl reported to the facility at 10:34 am and was pronounced dead at 11:45 am.

Family seeks justice after police vehicle reportedly killed kin

By Isaiah Gwengi   2024-01-04 18:46:58

Odhiambo's father, Boniface Opondo, said that police officers dragged his son before he fell and was run over by the Land Cruiser.

Former barmaid scores B in national exam

By Isaiah Gwengi   2024-01-09 04:50:12

A former barmaid who had dropped out of school in Standard Four has scored a B+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam.

Former barmaid defies mockery, excels in National Exam

By Isaiah Gwengi   2024-01-09 12:36:20

According to Akinyi, poverty and lack of school fees had pushed her to look for ways to survive and support her mother.

Sinapanga: Bondo's attraction for new housing developers

By Isaiah Gwengi   2024-01-10 16:00:36

There is a growing appetite for residential development in areas surrounding the town spanning as far as Sinapanga.

Female KCPE star gets admission to Lenana, a boys' school

By Isaiah Gwengi   2024-01-11 14:31:19

Gloria Adhiambo's family has been thrown into a state of confusion after the bright girl was placed to join Lenana School, a boys' school.

Probe as man accused of killing wife over affair

By Isaiah Gwengi   2024-01-13 20:28:42

Police said Stella's body was discovered in their house on Thursday around 7:30 pm.

Residents protest over 'untouchable' criminals

By Isaiah Gwengi   2024-01-15 22:19:22

Locals are so frightened that they cannot openly talk about the activities of the gang for fear of reprisal.

Joy as village gets primary school

By Isaiah Gwengi   2024-01-24 14:42:44

Residents of Ogoya village, Central Sakwa ward, Siaya county, broke into song and dance during the official opening of Ogoya Primary School.