Peter Muiruri

Why you should not overschedule your child

By Peter Muiruri   2023-11-11 12:57:00

The long school holidays are here and once again, parents are freaking out at the thought of keeping their children occupied for two months. 

Lamu and a thousand legends by the sea

By Peter Muiruri   2023-11-18 11:11:54

Lamu has changed little over the centuries. True, there are modern conveniences such as the motorised high-speed boats, the airport, a new port and some storey buildings.

EAC to market tourism as a block as regional expo kicks off in Nairobi

By Peter Muiruri   2023-11-21 15:57:55

Magical Kenya Travel Expo (MKTE) is Kenya’s annual flagship travel trade fair that brings together tourism stakeholders, partners and media from some of Kenya’s key source markets.

Faith Mwende: Kenyan woman climbing Mt Everest to save the planet

By Peter Muiruri   2023-11-25 13:21:15

Dr Faith Mwende recalls the moment she broke the news about her intentions to climb Mt Everest to her family. There were mixed feelings between her parents and siblings.

Kenyan woman climbing Everest to save the planet

By Peter Muiruri   2023-11-25 19:24:18

Between April and May this year, Mwende became the first Kenyan woman to attempt a climb on the 8,848-metre-high Everest, an endeavour normally wrought with unexpected dangers

Five unsung holiday destinations

By Peter Muiruri   2023-12-17 08:00:32

Ngare Ndare is more than a forest. Captivating waterfalls drop about 30 feet to serene azure pools hidden deep within the forest where visitors can take deep, relaxing dives.

The pagan origins of Christmas customs

By Peter Muiruri   2023-12-23 13:54:42

As millions around the world make merry during Christmas, few know that they will be celebrating an event deeply steeped in paganism.

Kenya hosts celebrities in bid to tap tourism potential

By Peter Muiruri   2023-12-24 13:28:24

Kenya is looking to tap into the growing pool of African American travellers seeking authentic African experiences.  

Trends that will drive tourism, travel in 2024

By Peter Muiruri   2023-12-31 08:00:28

The 2023 figures represent a 93 per cent recovery level compared to 2019 and against the global average of 84 per cent.

Story behind the enduring legacy of Tsavo

By Peter Muiruri   2024-01-14 07:16:10

Tsavo gained international acclaim as a result of two female lions, the world’s most maligned and vilified felines that had a fetish for human flesh.

King Charles honours hotelier behind Kenya's Hemingways group

By Peter Muiruri   2024-01-14 07:36:10

Evans, a water engineer, began his African sojourn in Uganda where he trained local engineers after his graduation from Kings College, London.

Why artificial intelligence is the next frontier for startups

By Peter Muiruri   2024-02-05 16:25:58

75 million jobs may be displaced by a shift in the division of labour between humans and machines, while 133 million new roles may emerge.

Time bomb: Why many city residents may be living in a condemned house

By Peter Muiruri   2024-02-03 18:59:47

Many tenants in and around the city find themselves in a predicament where they are forced to live in improper housing units that might even compromise their safety due to poor workmanship.

Boost as Kenya to receive Sh11b for transition to clean energy

By Peter Muiruri   2024-02-02 18:09:41

The Climate Investment Funds will help country’s ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 32 per cent by 2030 and achieve Net Zero by 2050.

Life lessons from Africa's best teacher

By Peter Muiruri   2024-02-03 13:31:26

In early October last year, Rosemary Bosibori Onyancha beat over 100 teachers drawn from 54 African countries to emerge the winner of the 2023 African Union’s Continental Best Teacher Award.

Why dating is becoming an elusive affair

By Peter Muiruri   2024-02-09 15:55:47

The digital era has changed love and relationships and dating is no longer a serious matter as some would think    

Local airline's ambitious plan to electrify its fleet by 2027

By Peter Muiruri   2024-02-21 10:32:13

Safarilink Aviation has partnered with an American company to have a fully electric fleet by 2027.

Why size of urban residential units has been shrinking

By Peter Muiruri   2024-02-22 19:54:37

The report cites the absence of essential planning and legal frameworks such as local physical development plans, zoning regulations, development control regulations, and building regulations.

How to adopt a hyena

By Peter Muiruri   2024-02-22 15:33:16

Did you know that you can adopt a hyena? Just like children in an orphanage, animals are rescued from the wild when their mothers die or are in danger from poachers or other predators.

Polo: An ancient game with a modern touch

By Peter Muiruri   2024-02-24 14:09:59

Polo has a long history, both globally and in Kenya. Accounts about its origins differ but the first tournament is thought to have been played around 600 BC in Persia.