Peter Muiruri

Theatre making comeback despite meagre returns

By Peter Muiruri   2023-07-01 08:11:51

The dwindling fortunes of performing artistes have barred many from venturing into theatre.

International Day of Kiswahili: How a language birthed a global culture

By Peter Muiruri   2023-07-06 12:48:55

Kiswahili is more than a language. It is a lifestyle, a way of life that began along the coast of the Indian Ocean (Sawahil in Arabic) but has now spread to every corner of the world.

Men also cry: The silent scourge of men sexually abused by spouses

By Peter Muiruri   2023-07-08 13:15:17

“My wife started to demand unrealistic sexual acts that I was not comfortable with,” he says. “She even told our two children that I was not of much use in ‘many other areas as well."

Doctor's take on men sexual abuse

By Peter Muiruri   2023-07-09 17:33:30

Sam Thenya: Why men fear acknowledge sexual abuse in marriage

Meet Pablo Gonzalez, Spaniard trekking from Cape to Cairo

By Peter Muiruri   2023-07-25 14:56:27

When Pablo González told his family and friends in Spain that he intended to walk from the Cape to Cairo, nobody believed him.

Wasanii Corner rebuilt to boost creativity

By Peter Muiruri   2023-07-22 09:22:33

Wasanii Corner is situated within the grounds of Kenya Cultural Centre that incorporates Kenya National Theatre where artistes create, rehearse and host public performances.

Wildebeest migration: Proposed 'safari commandments'

By Peter Muiruri   2023-08-05 11:46:35

This week, pictures of a lone and ‘confused’ cheetah surrounded by dozens of vehicles, described by some as “worse than Nairobi rush-hour traffic” circulated online.

Ruto accused of letting West run climate talks

By Peter Muiruri   2023-08-13 04:17:19

The inaugural Africa Climate Summit, championed by Ruto aims to address the increasing exposure to climate change and its associated costs, both globally and particularly in Africa.

Digital detox tourism: What you need to know

By Peter Muiruri   2023-08-19 11:24:27

Detox tourism is the new craze within the travel and tourism space that prioritises one’s well-being, as opposed to travelling to holiday hotspots to engage in a vast repertoire of activities.

Colour, song and dance as Maa Cultural Festival kicks off in Masai Mara

By Peter Muiruri   2023-08-21 16:45:59

The four-day festival will bring together 12,000 members from 18 Maa-speaking communities from Kenya and Tanzania

Song and dance as Maa cultural festival kicks off

By Peter Muiruri   2023-08-22 13:27:18

The four-day festival will bring together 12,000 members from 18 Maa-speaking communities from Kenya and Tanzania.

Why digital detox tourism is growing

By Peter Muiruri   2023-08-23 08:01:53

In a fast-paced world characterised by screens, constant connectivity and busy schedules, the allure of digital detox has become a beacon of respite

Photos: Ruto steps out in Maasai traditional regalia during Maa ceremony

By Peter Muiruri   2023-08-23 09:34:44

President Ruto's Maasai garb was befitting the occasion meant to celebrate the culture of the Maa communities in Kenya and Tanzania. And he never hid the fact that he liked his new look.

Colour, song and dance at Maa cultural festival

By Peter Muiruri   2023-08-26 12:09:42

Once in a while, a community must come together to take stock of their accomplishments, acknowledge their failures, and seek to make amends.

What the climate summit means for marginalised communities

By Peter Muiruri   2023-09-06 20:19:56

Marginalised communities make up only six per cent of the world population but account for 19 per cent of the extreme poor. Their life expectancy is 20 years lower than non-indigenous people.

Tourism sector eyes more global conferences following success of Climate Summit

By Peter Muiruri   2023-09-06 15:59:19

Kenya is angling to host more global conferences following the successful hosting of the Africa Climate Summit.

Kenya to host regional twin tourism expos in November

By Peter Muiruri   2023-09-14 12:06:28

Kenya will host the third edition of the East Africa Regional Tourism Expo (EARTE) in November, Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage cabinet secretary Peninah Malonza announced Wednesday.

Tough job market push graduates to other fields

By Peter Muiruri   2023-09-19 16:35:31

A greater proportion of fresh graduates are unprepared to take entry level jobs with 64 per cent not having the right technical skills while 44 per cent lacked right life skills.

Perfect pitch: Inside the mind of a venture capitalist

By Peter Muiruri   2023-10-03 18:59:07

The South Africa-based Kenyan and chief investment officer at Catalyst Fund, has a 13-year stint running venture capital funds and accelerators within the climate tech space.

Charlene Ruto: On forging her own path

By Peter Muiruri   2023-10-07 18:47:56

Charlene Chelagat Ruto may be the first daughter, but she doesn’t like the stereotypes associated with a privileged child