Parenting as a single father

Eliud Mungai’s wife passed away three days after the birth of their son, the fourth born. Eliud was left with three girls and a newborn son to care for.

Life lessons from African CEOs

The recently concluded Africa CEO Forum in Kigali, Rwanda, brought together over 2000 CEOs, business leaders and policy-makers from all over Africa. We caught up with a few of them...

Parliament of Owls: Book compared to Kenyan House

Some people see an eerie similarity between Kenya’s current political situation and Adipo Sidang’s Parliament of Owls.

Ben 10 saga: Female leaders accused of chewing young men

Homa Bay Woman Rep Joyce Osogo, alias Bensouda, has left tongues wagging by exposing the sex escapades of female leaders in her county.

The life and times of JCC's Bishop Allan Kiuna

The passing on of charismatic Jesus Celebration Church Bishop Allan Kiuna just under a year after being declared cancer-free sent shockwaves among his faithful.

Multiple Myeloma: Cancer that took away Bishop Allan Kiuna's life

Bishop Allan Kiuna was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2018 and immediately began treatment, even going abroad for chemotherapy.

Ruto eulogises Bishop Allan Kiuna

President William Ruto on Wednesday eulogised the late Bishop Allan Kiuna as a dedicated man of God who inspired many.

Chemotherapy had him at his lowest- Kathy Kiuna narrates husband's cancer battle

Reverend Kathy Kiuna first narrated Allan Kiuna’s battle with cancer in 2019, detailing how it weighed down the bishop.

Who is Faith Odhiambo? The inspiring story of Kenya's LSK President

Faith made history when she became the 51st President of LSK, and the second woman to be elected President after former CS Raychelle Omamo.

Bishop Njiriri: Ruto should climb down to the level of the common mwananchi

He shared his thoughts about the ongoing Gen Z demonstrations and says the Head of State has abandoned the Church.

From grace to grass: Nasty divorce still troubles former business tycoon

Former wife is pushing for auction of properties and proceeds be held in an escrow account of her lawyers.

Protest nightmare for parents, and what to do

Gen Z protests have brought many parents of this age group to a new environment of their parenting roles to the young adults

Grieving mum's faith and pain stuck with me

A short discussion and a few tests later, a diagnosis akin to ‘stomach flu’ was made. That was the beginning of many doctor visits and hospital stays.

Ali Salim Manga: Legend of Kenyan football commentary

Back in the day, Ali Salim Manga rivalled the regional influence of Leonard Mambo Mbotela and Salim Mbonde of Radio Tanzania. His football commentary was well-researched...

Gen Z Protests: Tear gas risks and how to protect yourself

Unbowed, Gen Zs have found a counter tactic, and it is working.

It's time State scaled taxation more towards the filthy rich

The expatriate comes from a country that believes in employment fairness, or thinks it does.

Charlie Byrd: Great guitarist whose status as a jazzman had often been questioned

Guitarist Charlie Byrd was an American guitar virtuoso who made many recordings of enduring impact in jazz, blues and classical genres.

Kakamega's sin street where lungula, boozing start at 7 sharp

Canon Awori street reverberates with alcohol, sex workers and gambling.

Deadly disaster: Open sewers in Nairobi that no one cares to cover

These gaping holes are situated along main roads, playgrounds and behind residential areas.

Gusii women determined to turn the tables on patriarchy

Momanyi, who is serving her second term, says there is much women leaders can learn in Gusii politics.