Vincent Kejitan

Jalang'o: If you want to host an event in Langata you must give half the jobs to local youth

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-04 11:37:10

Jalas stirred controversy on Monday when he issued a directive to event organizers planning to hold functions in his constituency.

Trouble in Crazy Kennar's paradise?

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-04 14:47:51

“Depression is real,” he wrote. His followers were quick to offer him words of encouragement although he did not shed light on what was eating him.

Jalang'o: Ruto is Kenya 1 and we must support him

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-05 10:31:02

“When the president loses we all lose! Ruto is Kenya 1! God bless the president and may we work together for our country!

Crazy Kennar is okay, manager says

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-05 13:58:42

A day after content creator Crazy Kennar put up a post on depression, his management has assured his fans that he is alright and working on more juicy projects.

Jimal celebrates Wangari on her 26th birthday

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-08 12:51:42

Exactly a year after he stirred up controversy online by introducing his then ‘bestie’ Michelle Wangari to the world, Jimal Rohosafi has taken to social media to celebrate her again.

Jalango: My current salary is half of what I was making as radio host

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-11 11:43:32

Lang’ata MP Jalang’o has said his current salary is roughly half of what he was making as a radio and events host.

Media Council faults coverage of Father Kariuki's death

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-11 16:22:53

Through a statement, the Media Council said there were several inconsistencies in how the story was reported and the dignity of the subjects was violated.

'Raila paid fare only', matatu driver tells those asking him for money

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-12 11:54:53

When matatu driver Duncan Murage began his shift on Monday, June 10, 2023, he had no idea he would ferry one of Kenya’s most popular politicians to the CBD.

Nonini takes on news website over defamatory article

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-12 15:43:58

Nonini has issued a warning to a local news website which linked him to a catfight between two women in Maryland, US.

Sifuna announces new 'shifts' for maandamano

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-13 12:41:34

"We are introducing shifts so that if you're free on Monday, join us and allow others to demonstrate on Tuesday and the same applies for Wednesday every week."

Diamond says his children with Zari still think they are together

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-14 16:23:23

Diamond said there is a lot of respect between him and his baby mama Zari Hassan in their co-parenting duties that their children still believe they are together.

Sofire speaks on alleged relationship with David Moya

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-19 12:06:24

Kenyan businesswoman Sofire has set the record straight regarding her alleged relationship with dancer David Moya.

'Baba ako sawa': Winnie Odinga assures supporters

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-20 11:58:46

Following his no-show during the ongoing anti-government protests, many Kenyans were concerned over the whereabouts of Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

Stop masquerading as journalists: Media Council tells police

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-20 12:59:56

The Media Council of Kenya has called out police officers masquerading as journalists to arrest protesters, terming the act unprofessional.

Rev Victor Githu hits out at church leaders for chasing clout, hypocrisy

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-20 15:05:23

Reverend Victor Githu on Thursday hit out at religious leaders for allowing hypocrisy to creep into the church, saying religion is slowly being turned into showbiz.

Jalang'o: I never said a proper goodbye to Papa Shirandula

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-21 10:26:35

Lang’ata MP Jalango, who worked with Papa on numerous occasions, narrated how he learnt of his death and how everything happened fast.

Edday Nderitu: I left Samidoh for whoever needed him more

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-22 11:14:20

Edday Nderitu on Saturday confirmed that she left her husband Samidoh, clarifying that she is not in any polygamous union.

Lillian Muli poses with baby daddy Jared in stunning pic

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-25 15:13:40

Lillian Muli on Monday lit up the internet with a photo of her baby daddy Jared Ombongi, leaving many wondering whether they had patched up their differences.

Amber Ray: I am not obligated to tip you in clubs, restaurants

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-25 16:07:30

The mother of two said she was seated at a table when two ladies walked up to her and asked for a tip...

Kamene Goro: I am not a husband snatcher

By Vincent Kejitan   2023-07-26 13:27:34

Former radio host Kamene Goro this week dismissed claims that she is a ‘husband snatcher’.