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Fareed Khimani: A journey of resilience and self-determination

In the realm of radio waves, there emerged a luminary whose voice was pure gold – Fareed Khimani. 

Who's in or out in Real Housewives of Nairobi season two

Real Housewives of Nairobi (RHON) gave fans a glimpse into the glamorous lives of socialites. RHON was a big winner at this year's Kalasha Film and TV Awards, taking home the award for Best TV Show

Kalasha biggest winners

One of the highlights of the night was Daudi Anguka who was named as the Best Director, for his film 'Mvera'.

Maddo: Cartoonist who was bold enough to draw presidents

Maddo was the first cartoonist in Kenya to have his caricature of President Moi published, an audacious move that ushered in a new era of editorial cartoons.

Bankslave raising environmental awareness through graffiti

Initially known for painting street walls and matatus, Bankslave has shifted his focus toward environmental activism, particularly regarding air quality in Nairobi.

'Revealing the unknown' in Enjoolata

Enjoolata, the cultural centre within Basecamp Maasai Mara grounds, opened in 2020 but closed shortly thereafter due to Covid-19. It reopened the following year as global travel gained momentum.

Henry Chakava: Whence comes another like him?

In 1980, word spread that Chakava was about to publish Ngugi’s book, Caitani Mutharabaini (Devil on the Cross), written in detention, and he started receiving threatening phone calls.

Emmanuel Jal's eclectic space

Hailing from the crossroads of South Sudan and Canada, Emmanuel Jal’s multifaceted force of creativity, resilience, and inspiration is as captivating as it is empowering.

Mtwapa, the town that never sleeps

One of the highlights of Mtwapa, is the Mtwapa Creek, an attraction to visitors because of its world-class scuba diving, an attraction to local and international travellers.

Hop, Skip and Jump: Book shows why kids' views matter in crisis

Anyone who attended the Hop Skip and Jump book launch at the Alliance Française, last Saturday, will attest to the fact that the Nairobi literary scene is alive and well.

Dr Henry Chakava: Renowned Kenyan publisher dies at 77

Dr Henry Chakava, seen by many as the father of Kenyan publishing, has passed on at 77.

Memes: How Kenyans use humour to counter unpopular policies

Satire and humour have always been legitimate sites for popular engagement with the state in Kenya. But a new weapon in the armoury of those criticising the state is the use of memes.

Kenya's first certified African dance curriculum launched

Kenya has launched a certified dance curriculum, rewriting the narrative of Africa’s creative economy.

Painting the life and times of Paul Njihia, a self-taught artist

In paintings I try to put the spotlight on some issues that affect society. These issues may be things like the relevance of the education system and group mentality.

Social media platforms open new markets for pubishers

What social media has done for books is a bit like what Equity Bank did for banking; reaching out to the unbanked, who in effect catapulted Equity to the top of the pile in local banking.

MDQ: I spent my entire salary on Sean Paul concert

If I had more money, I would have gladly spent it on that show. Everything about the show - from the music, props, costumes, the dancer choreography and the lighting - blew my mind.

I sunk into deep depression due to troubled relations with my family

I was unproductive, couldn’t focus, and couldn’t find motivation to do anything, felt abandoned and lonely until I began ideation of self-destructive thoughts.

Savinnah: I learnt life lessons from skating in town

"I went on to become a background vocalist in 2019 for my classmate at the time, Nikita Kering’ and I learned quite a lot about the live music scene and artistry as a whole from her."

Till Death Do Us Part: Many can relate with Diana Mosoba's story

The book has taught her to be patient. "You can have a perfect plot in your mind, but executing the same on paper is quite difficult,"

In Chained, Moraa brings to the fore the debate about abortion

Moraa’s story is a powerful reminder to the society that women’s reproductive health is a topic that needs to be addressed with the utmost urgency.